What is Sensory Images with 50 examples of sensory images

Sensory Images

Sensory images refer to a series of ideas and/or representations that are directly related to the senses. That is, any form of representation, whether by text or images, seeks to represent that idea related to one of the five senses.

For example, if a literary text is used , it will be a challenge for the author that through the words he uses, make the reader able to capture in his mind a representative image of what the text itself raises; Said images can be of an olfactory, gustatory, auditory, visual and tactile type.

So, within the literary genre, these types of images are used to develop, from the creative use of words, sensations of beauty and possibilities of new forms of expression related to the same idea. If this type of sensory images is used within the advertising industry, what will be sought there is to generate certain psychological triggers so that the consumer reacts to what the advertising campaign itself wants.

Words have the ability to express ideas and images that are unpredictable for handling sensory images. There is even a term that is coined as “visual poets” to those who have the ability to establish an effective link between the written word and the production of a visual discourse.

What these types of talents do is look for the right combination of words that allow them to develop those images that they require, giving them a dimension of the proper meaning they want. Thus, for example, it is expressed in phrases such as: “music of the autumn wind”. Whoever reads that phrase will “hear” that melody.

50 examples of sensory images:

  1. The taste of coffee makes me forget about the bad moments of the day. (Taste image)
  2. The orange season makes the fields smell good and people are happy. (Taste image)
  3. The mole poblano has a unique flavor, for something it is considered a dish of worldwide recognition. (Taste image)
  4. Guava is a fruit that has a pleasant texture for the palate. (Taste image)
  5. When tequila passes through the throat when drunk, it scratches a lot, then the sensation softens. (Taste image)
  6. Many people do not tolerate sweet flavors, others salty. (Taste image)
  7. The wine taster must have a refined and educated palate to assess the drinks. (Taste image)
  8. The sea water is very salty, which often causes a person to start drowning. (Taste image)
  9. My niece really likes horchata water, it has an exquisite flavor, she says. (Taste image)
  10. The pizza tastes good, hot or cold, it seems to me. (Taste image)
  11. The stillness of the sea revealed that the hurricane had already passed. (Visual image)
  12. Her face was beautiful, I miss her so much after so many months of death. (Visual image)
  13. The town where I live does not have any buildings, although it is very rustic and picturesque. (Visual image)
  14. The field had almost no crops, so you could see the clear horizon. (Visual image)
  15. The book I just read had a good cover, but a bad behavior, it is worth noting that the fable is an example of a paradigm. Through a story. (Visual image)
  16. Miró’s works are full of color. (Visual image)
  17. I really liked this blue car, too bad it’s very expensive. (Visual image)
  18. That woman has beautiful hands, I noticed it when she greeted me. (Visual image)
  19. It’s nice to see the stars in the firmament every night. (Visual image)
  20. It is interesting to observe the clothing trend for this season, there will be very bright colors in the wardrobe. (Visual image)
  21. My wife’s caresses are a society. This circumstance helps to avoid unnecessary risks. In the case of hospitals, organic waste of tenderness for me. (Touch image)
  22. The wind caresses my face when I run every morning. (Touch Image)
  23. My student had an accident in the school laboratory, he suffered small burns. (Touch Image)
  24. Because I don’t wear a sweater to work, now I’m very cold. (Touch Image)
  25. These silk sheets are very soft, I like that feeling. (Touch Image)
  26. I am worried about my son, his skin is very scratchy, maybe he is dehydrated. (Touch Image)
  27. Be careful with kitchen knives, they are very sharp, you can cut yourself. (Touch Image)
  28. Walking barefoot on the sand provides a pleasant sensation. (Touch Image)
  29. I think you have a fever, your skin is very hot, I’ll give you a thermometer. (Touch Image)
  30. I see that you have exercised a lot, your abdomen is hard. (Touch Image)
  31. The sound of the guitar was majestic when executed by my friend. (auditory image)
  32. I hear a beautiful voice every morning, it’s my mother when she calls me. (auditory image)
  33. My brother likes to listen to cumbia a lot, he likes the melody. (auditory image)
  34. The noise of the clouds when it is going to rain makes me very nervous. (auditory image)
  35. He couldn’t hear the car‘s horn so he collided with it despite the warning. (auditory image)
  36. Before I was fitted with hearing aids, I heard very little. (auditory image)
  37. My uncle prefers the crowing of a rooster to wake him up than the alarm clock. (auditory image)
  38. My cat purrs very stylishly. (auditory image)
  39. My boss has a very thick voice, which is why he sounds very authoritative, plus he yells. (auditory image)
  40. People chant a lot to the songs of their favorite artist at a concert, it sounds spectacular. (auditory image)
  41. The smell of her perfume makes him recognize her with his eyes closed. (olfactory image)
  42. The street in my neighborhood smells very bad, sewage has come out of the sewer. (olfactory image)
  43. Fortunately in many public places smoking is prohibited, the smell is unpleasant for me. (olfactory image)
  44. The perfume my wife wears is pleasant to me. (olfactory image)
  45. I’ve had problems with my partner, he says my mouth stinks, I need to fix that. (olfactory image)
  46. The coffee in the morning gives off a rich aroma. (olfactory image)
  47. I think the beans just burned, it smells so bad. (olfactory image)
  48. Although a lot of time has passed, I still remember the smells of my deceased grandmother. (olfactory image)
  49. This smells very good, I’m sure this dish is also delicious. (olfactory image)
  50. It’s hard to breathe with so much pollution in the air. (olfactory image)

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