What is Self Knowledge/meaning/concept

Human beings have shown great capacity to understand reality , both the laws of the universe and cellular mechanisms, as well as the power to invent sophisticated mechanisms to improve living conditions. However, we have not been able to efficiently understand ourselves. Self Knowledge

The fundamental idea of ​​self-knowledge indicates the ability to understand who we are and why we act in a certain way. Faced with these questions, there is no simple answer. In fact, self-knowledge is something of an enigma, difficult to know what our inner motivations are. Despite this difficulty, there are philosophers and psychologists who have reflected on self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge according to Socrates and Freud

Socrates lived in Athens, in the fifth century BC His life and his reflections became known through one of his disciples: Plato. Socrates expressed a specific idea about self-knowledge: “Know thyself”. It is a proposal, a challenge . If we want to be well with ourselves, we need to do a deep inner analysis. In other words, we have to exercise self-analysis in order not to deceive ourselves about ourselves, as well as about our desires and aspirations.

Socrates’ project says that knowing each one’s truth is important and that somehow we must find it

Freud was a 20th century thinker and the father of psychoanalysis. In relation to self-knowledge, Freud made a profound reflection . His main thesis is that we cannot rationally agree with our truth because the human mind has an irrational element: the unconscious. Therefore, Freud proposed a series of techniques (hypnosis and dream interpretation) to understand the unconscious mechanisms that act in our minds.

To understand how our unconscious acts and its influence on us requires a complex process (basically psychoanalytic therapy). If the therapy is satisfactory, the individual can interpret who he will be in reality and what his true motivations are, that is, he will have a self-knowledge.

The reflections of Socrates and Freud show us that the human brain remains a mystery. Of course, many aspects of this organ are known, but we still keep asking ourselves several questions about what we are looking for and why we need self-knowledge.

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