What is Behavioral Analysis his working withTools and Possible positions and careers

What is Behavioral Analysis

In this article we will elaborate you about Behavioral Analysis his working withTools and How to choose.

Before delving into the subject that concerns the profession of behavior analyst, it is worth understanding what a behavior analysis actually is.

Behavioral Analysis, as the name suggests, is a type of investigation carried out on human behavior. In fact, it is not a methodology, but a science that studies and explains some individual behavior in a given environment.

Furthermore, this science was formulated by Burrhus Frederic Skinner , an “American behaviorist psychologist , inventor and philosopher”.

Every company needs to know its employees, not only in the technical field, but also in behavioral issues, as this has a strong impact on people’s performance. But there is a professional who can, and a lot, contribute in this task: the behavioral analyst .

It is known that the majority of dismissals that occur, around 80%, are not due to professional incapacity, but mainly due to behaviors or attitudes that do not match the company or the position they hold.

In this post, you will learn about the functions of a behavior analyst, see what he can contribute to the organization, how a person can enter this area and what tools are used in this occupation. Check out!

What does a behavioral analyst do

A behavior analyst works to identify the different behavioral traits of people. Thus, its role in an organization is to contribute to understanding the behavior of different individuals in different contexts.

Once this professional manages to classify people, he opens possibilities to allocate employees in places more appropriate for their behavioral profile . It also puts the right people in the right places, where they will perform better, feel more comfortable and satisfied with their occupation.

According to several surveys, satisfied and happy professionals produce much more, which directly impacts the organization’s revenue.

In addition, a behavioral analyst is a key player in the recruitment and selection process, as he is able to identify the candidates’ social competences. This makes hiring more adjusted, with regard to the company’s culture and also the profile of the team to which they will be part.

So if a company needs a more multitasking employee who communicates well across industries and has a higher energy level, a behavioral analyst identifies this even before the candidate is hired.

Another advantage that this professional brings to the company is the reduction in expenses. Therefore, if there is a position that requires specific behavioral skills, it is possible to find someone who already has these characteristics, eliminating training costs.

Tools used by professionals in the field

There are some tools that are commonly used by a behavioral analyst, such as questionnaires, dynamics and devices that are important to optimize and aggregate in their work.

The Profiler , for example, a software based on the DISC methodology , traces a person’s behavioral profile. Through it, it is possible to recognize what types of behavior are dominant in someone when receiving a full report.

Performing this analysis , it is also possible to propose actions that will impact the organizational climate. Understand that the better you know your team, the greater your ability to find solutions for improvement.

Another test used by these analysts is the Brain Dominance test , which is performed through questions and identifies what is the dominant type of behavior in a person. Thus, he sets out four descriptions: analytic, relational, controlling, or experimental.

Also, another tool to take advantage of is the Enneagram , which suggests what an individual’s personality is. In this case, he presents nine possible personality types and is illustrated by a 9-sided geometric figure, as the name suggests.

Still, there is the Quantum methodology , that is, a test more focused on people’s emotional behavior. The results obtained reveal an individual’s likely primary neurological emotions as well as what is best—the positives, our strengths—and what needs to be improved—our weaknesses and obstacles.

Remember that behavioral tests must be administered by a psychologist. But there are some behavioral mapping tools that can help even professionals who are not trained in the field, such as Profiler.

Still, some dynamics are also a strategy for perceiving personalities and types of behavior. It is possible to develop dynamics that propose situations which invite the participant to show themselves more.

How to choose the tools

Although there are numerous tools used by behavior management professionals, it is important to choose one that is appropriate for the purpose to which it is being applied. For this, the analyst must make this combination of the company’s interests with the methods used.

Possible positions and careers

A behavioral profile analyst can work in several types of companies and institutions, with different solutions and sizes, depending on their background. In addition, it is also possible to enter the health area, such as clinics and hospitals or schools.

It is a profession that has great relevance, as it analyzes the behavior of people, therefore, it can be implemented in any type of company and, without a doubt, increases the chances of an organization making the right hirings, reducing the turnover of professionals, contribute directly to employee satisfaction, among many other advantages.

How to enter the area of Behavioral Analysis

First, it’s important to point out that to enter the profession of a behavior analyst, you don’t necessarily need to be a psychology graduate, although many psychologists do.

To work in this activity, you can: attend a specific degree in the area of ​​Behavioral Science, graduate from a postgraduate degree in the area and also take a specialization course in behavior management.

Understand that this is not an easy profession, as it requires a lot of attention, observation and investigation. It is an area that deals directly with people and their peculiarities, that is, you will find a wide variety of people and behaviors, so it is essential to know how to deal with each one of them.

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