What is Declamation definition/concept

The correct use of voice and intonation requires a vocal technique , also known as the term declamation.

The noun declamation corresponds to the verb to declaim, which means to recite. In this sense, the action of declaiming is related to oratory , which is the art of public speaking and, in turn, has an intimate connection with poetry and theater.

Just as recitation is important to singing well, it is also necessary to speak properly, that is, to communicate effectively.

The vocal technique, the foundation of declamation

The human voice is an instrument that must be taken care of so that sounds are pleasant and understood correctly. Vocal technique exercises are especially useful for people who use their voice in a professional way, such as announcers, actors, teachers and all activities in which the voice plays a primary role .

The human voice involves a complex process . In fact, when making a sound, it acts together with the diaphragm, abdomen, vocal cords, breath control, trachea and tongue position. If in this process something inappropriate happens repetitively, the voice ends up resenting it in some way, for example, with aphonia. Declamation

General guidelines on declamation

In order for a recitation to be correct, human voice experts advise a series of general guidelines:

1) Do breathing exercises and mechanical control of the parts that involve the emission of sounds;

2) Train the correct pitch of the voice;

3) Improve body position to stabilize sounds;

4) Understand recitation as a technique and at the same time as an art.

The declamation in the theater

The actor needs the voice to connect with the viewer. In this sense, your voice is an essential tool and when there is a deficiency in voice manipulation, the quality of artistic interpretation is affected. Declamation

In the training process, actors need to become familiar with the method of declamation. The art of declaiming has a unique importance in poetic language , as the musicality of the voice gives poetry its authentic dimension. Declamation

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