What is Ornamental Plants definition/concept

As their name indicates, ornamental plants are those intended for decorative purposes, both in public and private gardens. The main ornamental element is found in leaves or flowers. The study of these plants must be framed within horticulture as a discipline . Ornamental Plants

The cultivation of ornamental plants carried out in greenhouses

These plants are generally grown in nurseries and are intended to decorate the interior of homes, private gardens and public spaces. Household plants can live indoors or outdoors, as long as they comply with adequate light and temperature conditions.

Nurseries for ornamental plants are known as greenhouses or hibernacles. These compartments must have a ventilation system to be able to control the high temperatures in summer and, at the same time, have different lines of micro-sprinklers (irrigators) to provide ambient humidity. To control low temperatures it is common to use a refrigeration system. Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants must be adapted to the characteristics of each location and personal preferences. It is important to highlight that there are plants ideal for shaded areas, others that are resistant to drought or saline soils, as well as aromatic or medicinal plants. It can be said that there is an ornamental plant for each place .

Care and maintenance of ornamental plants

In general, ornamental plants cannot receive much light directly and the air needs to be continually renewed. Excessive temperature fluctuations are detrimental to maintenance and the proper humidity level is also a decisive factor.

One of the most important aspects is irrigation. There are three possible irrigation systems:

1) Use a manual watering can without spout so as not to wet the leaves and flowers (this can be applied to begonias and hydrangeas);

2) Indoor plants such as palms or trunks need to be watered once a week, so it is convenient to place the plants outside between 8 and 9 am; from there, both the fertilizer and the leaves are watered, and then the plants are left in the sun for 30 minutes.

3) Use water every two days for outdoor plants and preferably when the sun is not too intense.

One aspect that must not be forgotten is pruning. It is important that all plants are pruned, but in the case of ornamental plants, pruning has an aesthetic sense, since it is about renewing its appearance so that the plant does not age.

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