What is Divergence definition/concept

Divergence is defined as the circumstance in which two or more people have different attitudes towards a given topic. Divergence is expressed in public matters and with a certain degree of relevance in a given community. It is a common situation in open societies that strive for freedom of expression and where each person can publicly express their point of view and perspective. However, in societies that try to impose a single discourse, differences are removed by state action, this issue often happens in totalitarian regimes.

On occasions, the divergence is more than a simple opposition from one point of view. It is often seen as a means of gaining deeper knowledge about a specific topic. In fact, the approach of divergent postures makes each of them show the faults of the other and that common sense can be reached. This circumstance is related to the dialogue and had a certain degree of theoretical formulation within the philosophical plane. It is worth remembering the way that Plato presented Socrates’ view within the polemics on a given subject. Thus, this dialectic can manifest new positions and from this divergence create new perspectives that can be useful.

Divergence must also be seen in this way for the observer of a debate who is in contact with ideas that seem to explain a reality from various perspectives. This allows us to form and generate our own criteria based on these approaches and flaws that each posture may have. A clear example of this circumstance can be seen in the debates between candidates who are trying to hold public office. This scenario often presents a divergence on matters of public interest. Thanks to it, a voter can obtain the necessary information on each issue and take the decision he/she considers appropriate.

Therefore, divergence must be considered as a natural circumstance expected in a society with a certain degree of maturity and respect for freedom of expression. This, of course, within the limits of mutual respect and coexistence . In no way should the possibility of diverging be considered as a way of allowing debauchery or discrediting the other.

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