What is Modern Closet/meaning/concept

The modern closet is a wardrobe that also serves as a dressing room. It is a closet because it is used to store clothes, but it is also a dressing room because it is designed to facilitate the necessary preparations when getting dressed. In the Anglo-Saxon world, this space is known as a walk-in closet, a term that in Portuguese can usually be translated as a dressing room.

Main advantages

This space has multiple advantages. In the first place , to organize all orderly fashion clothes. Usually, there are several dependencies for everything related to clothing.

We find drawers for underwear, for shoes, for storing unused clothes, for accessories, in short, for classifying different pieces of clothing. Modern Closet

In the version without doors, the proposal has several advantages: there is a greater visual range, there is a saving of money because the doors are ignored and the clothes are fully visible, so everything is much more accessible. However, because everything is in sight, it is necessary to keep clothes and accessories more organized.

A closet with sliding doors is the most common and is especially useful in rooms that are only a few square meters in size.

In homes that have closets, this dependence is usually found in the main bedroom of the house.

Interior decoration and design specialists advise following a few recommendations to have a perfect closet. First, classify the clothes by dividing them into winter and summer pieces. Second, organize the clothes by categories. Lastly, keep the space clean and with adequate lighting. Modern Closet

A symbol of luxury and distinction

The conventional closet is the most popular formula in most homes, but in upscale homes the modern closet is the most common. In luxury homes there are usually no space limitations, so it is easier to dedicate an exclusive room as a dressing room.

In addition to the styles and design, in each dressing room or closet it is possible to incorporate a series of complementary elements: ceiling lights to facilitate the action of dressing; armchairs, mirrors, dressing table, shoe area, etc. These characteristics make the closet a place associated with the richest social classes.

The traditional wardrobe of a humble home is not a particularly decorative piece of furniture. However, the walk-in closet is an element worth showing. Modern Closet

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