What is Auditorium/meaning/concept/elaboration

An auditorium is a place for various activities. The public attends this place to contemplate an artistic expression , such as a play, a dance performance , a musical piece or a monologue.

Likewise, this venue is reserved for any activity that can transmit knowledge, such as a conference, a debate or a political rally. Currently, most auditoriums are multifunctional.

General architectural design considerations

Architects designing an auditorium must think of an effective technical solution to the issue of acoustics. In this sense, the room must be free from any deficiency , such as sound concentrations, throbbing echoes or resonances. Architecturally, the audience must respect the laws of sound reflection . Auditorium

From the audience’s point of view, visual and auditory perception must be correct.

The stage is the main part of an auditorium, with the other rooms revolving around it. In specialized terminology, every space that integrates a stage is known as a stage box, associated with theatrical machinery.

The capacity of the venue is a determining factor for the type of activity to be programmed.

Obviously, this type of space incorporates all the necessary security measures , especially those related to the evacuation of the public, in the event of an emergency . Auditorium

Types of audience throughout history

The amphitheater, also known as classical Greek theatre, consists of three parts: the stage, the place for the orchestra and the grandstand.

The Roman theater is a new version of the amphitheater (the place destined for the stage is reduced to a semicircle). Auditorium

The first medieval theaters were located in churches and had several stages, where the public circulated around. During the Renaissance, auditoriums regained their classical scenic approach.

In the Anglo-Saxon world, the Elizabethan theatre was introduced, a wooden building dedicated to open-air performances. Auditorium

In the 18th and 19th centuries, theaters incorporated new lighting techniques. Currently, auditoriums are multipurpose spaces and are not limited exclusively to the theatrical world.

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