What is micromarketing Local micromarketing Advantage Disadvantages and Examples


The micromarketing is the use of techniques, resources and applying marketing strategies to capture your target customers with specific details.

To work with this strategy it is essential to know in depth the essentials of consumers, for this you can do conventional research such as surveys or use techniques such as social listening, which reveals what people need.

Local micromarketing

The micromarketing Local , is a resource that is used to perform actions applied in a specific geographical area, in order to attract users in a fraction of a limited market.

It is aimed at a certain group of consumers within the market and is a strategy similar to that used by destination marketing, which consists of using the detailed conditions in a different way to the target customer segment.

  • Segmentation Amplification : This is where insubstantial fissures and fragments are extracted.
  • Area of ​​action : there are local areas and private areas.


  • He is selective: all his work is oriented to a specific segment of the market, he attends the needs and requests based on their nature and location.
  • It is convenient: It is a strategy where you have a small budget and it is aimed at a fraction of users, for this reason it costs less to carry out the campaign.
  • The increase is formed by the consumers themselves: this strategy reaches the areas where there is a void, once people get what they need they become spokespersons automatically.


  • Increase in the price per acquisition: since it is aimed at only a fraction of consumers, it may happen that the price increases when a new customer enters.
  • It takes a lot of time: To develop this strategy the company has to invest a lot of time to maintain the consumer base.
  • It is possible not to achieve the human language. The objective: as these actions are directed and exposed only to a limited audience, it is likely to ignore segments.

Examples of micromarketing

  1. The micromarketing makes certain specific divisions to discover the tastes and preferences of people who want to get regulars, this is your goal.
  2. Through this strategy, even individual private campaigns can be carried out in order to obtain the determined results.
  3. One of the fundamental benefits is that some companies can run specific campaigns to attract potential customers.

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