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The word ” methodological ” means the path that is traced when executing a methodology, which is the science of method. It is used in different fields of science, but also to refer to a person who is very cautious, who does things by following several steps.

It is important not to confuse the term “method” with “methodology”, as the first is the plan chosen to reach the end, while the second is the branch that studies the method.

Meaning of Methodological

Definition and etymology

The Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy (DLE) indicates that methodological is an adjective belonging to or related to methodology. In turn, it is defined as the science of method and as the group of methods that are followed in a scientific investigation or in a doctrinal exposition.

The word “methodology” comes from three Greek words: “metà”, which means “beyond”; “Odòs”, which means “path”; and “logos”, “study”.

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A “methodologist’s” job is to track and adopt acceptable strategies to increase the acquired knowledge. On the other hand, a subject following a “methodological” path uses a subject’s theory and epistemology for the selection of concrete research techniques.

The research yes or yes needs a “methodological” structure, that is, the plan or structure to follow to obtain the answers to the questions that an investigation poses. In this process, it is necessary to indicate how the data will be obtained, how many there will be, which records will be obtained and how the analysis of the information obtained will be carried out.

Some authors point out that the “methodological” framework is one of the crucial stages for the elaboration of a project, as it will depend on it to obtain valid and reliable results.

This “methodological” design then depends on several varied factors, since some will be associated with the empirical reference on which one wishes to problematize and others, with the conceptualizations that concern the research questions.

It is always necessary to know and remember what you want to analyze in order to combat it in relation to the part of a reality to be observed and its environment or nature.

A clear example of a “methodological” structure is when university students, before being accepted, need to prepare a thesis. In this case, it is essential to assemble one, as it explains the mechanisms used to prepare the analysis of the problem to be investigated.

This “methodological” framework is usually located in the third chapter of a thesis and is the result of including the concepts and fundamentals explained in the theoretical framework. It must mention all the proposed objectives of the thesis and inform the fulfillment or not of the hypothesis on which the research task was based.

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A “methodological” process is characterized by being disciplined, systematic and flexible for an approach that allows the analysis of a problem as a whole. Hence the reference to a “methodological” person, seen as prudent, meticulous and who follows certain precepts when seeking a specific objective.


You might say that words with similar meanings to “methodological” are “meticulous”, “cautious”, “prudent”, “thinking”, “structured”, “complete”, “detailed”, “methodical”, “meticulous”, “ conscientious”, “Regulated”, “organized”, “jealous”, “modal”, “coordinated”, “precise” or “regulated”.


Meanwhile, the words that mean the opposite of “methodological” are “deconstructed”, “disorganized”, “altered”, “disturbed”, “disturbed”, “confused”, “subverted”, “misplaced”, “disrupted” or “Messy.”

Usage examples

– “Your research lacks support and I know that just by looking at the methodological framework it presents”.

– “I am very late with my thesis. I have not even begun to draw up the methodological framework ”.

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