What is living donor definition/concept

Organ donation is a totally altruistic gesture that shows a person’s personal and non-transferable decision to donate their organs and bring hope to others. Many people need an organ transplant in particular, for this reason it is important to promote a culture of donation as a gesture of health to enhance the common well-being. living donor

However, donation does not only show the personal decision a person makes in life when he dies and donates his organs. Which organs of the human body can be donated? Kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, pancreas.

a totally altruistic act

Living donation must comply with all legal regulations. For this reason, to consult any personalized questions regarding this topic, it is essential to talk to the specialized medical team. The donor must meet certain requirements, such as being of legal age. This decision must also be made voluntarily in a gesture of altruism. living donor

A family situation can occur in which a healthy donor donates one of his organs to a family member or a close friend in need. But it can also be the case of a totally voluntary person who donates one of his organs to someone he doesn’t know. It should be noted that the donation process always follows a waiting list protocol.

Conditions for donation

On the other hand, it is important to emphasize that the donation cannot be carried out if the donor is at risk for his own life. In this case, the decision is totally impractical. Therefore, when donating a person alive and present, the hospital ethics committee must analyze the information and see if it is favorable. living donor

In addition, the donor must receive fully personalized information about the possible risks of their intervention so that they can make their decision with full conviction of the cause. In turn, once the decision is made, it must be formalized in writing to proceed with your desire to donate.

Furthermore, this type of donation only occurs when the possibility of success from a medical point of view is very high. Thus, the donor must receive personalized medical assistance to enhance their recovery process after surgery. living donor

Finally, it should be noted that even if the donor confirms the desire to donate, he is free to change his mind at any time. living donor

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