What is Glutamine definition/concept/elaboration

It is an amino acid that our body produces. In fact, it is one of the most important amino acids, as it is thanks to it that protein synthesis is produced in our body. Glutamine definition

Currently, glutamine is manufactured in the form of a supplement and its consumption is aimed at increasing the physical performance of athletes, especially those who practice bodybuilding . In fact, it is used to increase muscle mass, restore glycogen levels, and improve physical recovery after training. On the market this product is marketed as L-glutamine and can be found in tablet or powder form.

The controversy about its consumption

In the bodybuilding world, L-glutamine is considered a very beneficial product as it helps to maintain the hard workload. It should be noted that muscles develop during rest after exercise and muscle fiber reconstruction is necessary thanks to L-glutamine supplementation. This argument is supported by its regular consumers, who often combine this substance with other supplements, such as creatine.

However, according to critics of this supplement there is no scientific evidence to demonstrate its effects in favoring protein synthesis. In this sense, it is stated that its benefits are based on a placebo effect.

Despite the debate between critics and advocates, it has been shown that L-glutamine is useful for people who are sick or with medical problems who really need this type of supplement.

Like many other products on the market, the glutamine supplement causes a clear division, as for some it’s really useful and for others it’s nothing more than a real-looking scam.

The consumption of food supplements should not be a substitute for a varied and balanced diet

Many athletes train hard and at the same time consume multiple supplements to achieve peak physical performance . They are also consumed for other reasons: to gain weight or to help elderly people with nutritional problems . Anyway, supplements should not be consumed as an alternative to traditional foods.

In addition to L-glutamine, two other most popular supplements are: protein powder and creatine. The first is used to rebuild muscles and tendons after exercise, and the second is used to increase muscle mass.

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