What is Geobotany definition/concept

Botany is a natural science discipline focused on the study of plant organisms. With the prefix geo, which means land, we form the concept of geobotany, a specific area of ​​botany whose objective is the knowledge of plant species in a given natural habitat.

As a field of knowledge, some scientists believe that geobotany is an independent science, while others understand that it is a specific branch of botany.

Main topics of study

  • – Preparation of vegetation maps in a territory or cartography of the vegetal mantle;
  • – Relationship between species and their environment ;
  • – Vegetation structure and anatomy, as well as its classification ;
  • – The study of plants in territories is carried out in a hierarchical manner, from the individual to the general ( individual , population, species, community, landscape and biogeographic units). Geobotany

Applications of geobotany and its various areas

This area of ​​knowledge is closely related to other disciplines such as ecology, climatology, edaphology and agronomy. On the other hand, the data obtained provide relevant information for the study of meteorology or for the pharmaceutical sector. From an educational point of view, it allows us to relate the plant world with the geographical reality of the territories. It should not be forgotten that the natural environment must also be managed and that there are geobotanical reserves.

In geobotany research, the reasons for the distribution of plant species and soil properties are analyzed (this knowledge is called chorology and areography, respectively). Meanwhile, researchers in this discipline carry out analyzes on the historical reasons associated with the evolution of plant species (paleogeography). The study of adaptation to the environment of each plant species is phytoecology. Geobotany

The study of botany presents very different perspectives.

In addition to the relationships between plants and their geographical environment, botany requires taxonomic studies to classify the diversity of species with scientific criteria. There are botanists who focus their research on fossil remains and this knowledge is known as paleobotany. In applied botany, the interaction of plants with ecosystems is established. In summary , plant knowledge covers several areas and sub-areas.

The history of botany as science goes back to the III century; Ç

The Greek Theophrastus, who studied at Plato’s Academy, was a close collaborator of Aristotle, considered the first researcher who focused on knowledge of plants. Geobotany

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