What is Endemic Species definition/concept

One of the most important but at the same time fleeting ideals within biology is endemic species. This concept is used to designate all species, both fauna and flora, that belong to a certain space, with specific climate, relief and resources that have not been found anywhere in the world.

Unlike most species of living beings that can be found in several places at the same time, endemic species have the characteristic of being able to survive based on the existence of particular elements, hence the fact that they are moved to other regions for purposes of study , analysis or exposure may be a danger to their survival.

Endemic species and their main characteristics

When we talk about endemic species, we are referring to all animals or plants that are unique to one place on the planet. This is common in certain regions with very specific climatic characteristics, resources, biomes and reliefs that are not possible in other spaces. This means that the environment is a major element that influences the existence of endemic species.

It is likely that these species are abundant in their place of origin because the conditions to which they are exposed favor or allow for easy adaptation , whereas they cannot be achieved in other spaces. Endemic species are often striking and worthy of being analyzed, but it is important to take into account that as there is only one region of the planet, care must be taken to the utmost in order not to become completely extinct.

Endemic species as an engine for tourism

It is inevitable to think about endemic species without analyzing the effect that human beings can have on them. One of the most common elements is that endemic species tend to create a great tourist attraction in certain regions, as there are many people who want to know and see animals or plants that can only be found in one place.

One of the clearest examples is the Galapagos Island, which belongs to Ecuador and is part of a stronghold of endemic species not yet found anywhere else on the planet. Reptiles such as iguanas and giant tortoises are especially endemic species of this archipelago, as well as it is important to highlight that part of the main Ecuadorian economy involves tourism in this region.

Charles Darwin and endemic species

Among the contributions of the English biologist Charles Darwin, we must mention his study and analysis of endemic species, which influenced and inspired his theory on the evolution of species.

Darwin made numerous trips to America during his youth and adulthood to study the animals and plants that were on the continent and which were not yet well known in Europe, thus, it was understood that there were species that were never recorded anywhere else in the world. world with special characteristics and the result of a particular process of adaptation to the environment.

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