What is Dual Moral definition/concept

When a person or a group that says something is morally good, but does the opposite, we are facing a moral double. Normally, the mechanism for this type of morality is as follows: something is socially prohibited or frowned upon, and yet it continues to be practiced in secret. Dual Moral

Dual morality is also used to refer to people who reject others for what they do. This kind of attitude is hypocritical and establishes an obvious personal contradiction.

The morals and the double morals

All cultures have certain codes of behavior that allow us to distinguish right from wrong, good from bad. These codes are often of religious origin, but they end up being installed throughout society . Dual Moral

There are moral rules widely accepted as valid (for example, the prohibition of incest, the rejection of violence or other forms of slavery). However, other moral norms are partially rejected, as it is socially correct to say that they are not valid, but many people practice in secret. When this happens, the moral approach is false and becomes a double moral. There are people who reject prostitution because they consider it immoral, but who use the services of a prostitute; in this case the double morality is exercised.

the psychological mechanism

As a general rule, all people like to look good in front of others. To achieve this, we say that everything sounds good and that way we will be socially accepted. This need for acceptance is probably the foundation that explains the dual morality in society. Dual Moral

The curious thing about double morals is the fact that this type of behavior is always attributed to others, as people tend to value themselves very positively from the point of view of their personal integrity. Let’s think about the widespread criticism of the exploitation of labor in the world, a rejection that is often accompanied by the purchase of products obtained from this same exploitation.

People of integrity are those who practice what they profess

Many things can be said about what is good or bad. However, the important thing is that our words and actions also correspond. Whoever maintains consistency between his theoretical approach and his personal life is considered a person of integrity. Dual Moral

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