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What is Digital Object Identifier/5 benefits of a DOI for a scientific article

Among the identifiers for scientific and academic works, we have the ISBN and the ISSN , but the most recent is the DOI, aimed at categorizing digital materials. Digital Object Identifier 

The ISBN , International Standard Book Number, is a numbering that identifies and individualizes books and other publications , facilitating the sharing of information about works in various places on the planet.

The ISSN , Serial Publication Number, is aimed at classifying recurring publications , such as periodicals . 

The DOI , Digital Object Identifier or Digital Object Identifier, is a code, that is, a set of numbers and letters that signal the identity of a published content , be it an article, thesis, magazine, books or any other scientific or academic in the virtual environmentDigital Object Identifier 

The DOI is not mandatory for all articles, but it is essential for several factors discussed throughout the text.

Can the DOI of a scientific article change? 

A very frequent question for those who want to deposit a DOI is whether it is possible to change it after purchase.

The DOI does not change . Even if something happens to the website where your work is hosted, it is still possible to access the file through the url that is generated by the identifier.

Among its advantages, we have the possibility of issuing it also for a job under construction .

For example, before publishing a final version of their work, some researchers use the preprint format to receive feedback from the scientific community.

In this specific case, when the article is finalized and published, the author must request a new DOI .

In other words, it was not the DOI that changed, but, as the format went from preprint to article, the author published a new work and, therefore, needs a new issue . Digital Object Identifier 

But will we understand the benefits? After meeting them, I’m sure you’ll want to issue a DOI! 

1. More access to your work 

It’s no use, publishing on the internet is the best way to disseminate your content to more people, whether through academic portals, publishers or publishing platforms. 

By purchasing a DOI, you can share your content without fear of being happy! 

This happens because researchers can access it more easily , using the permanent link that is generated for the document, and also through the bibliographic references of other works. 

That is, everything is done with just one click! 

2. Meet the selection requirements

Did you know that both scientific articles and renowned journals usually need a DOI?

In the case of articles, it is a differential to publish in scientific journals , also known as periodicals. Some ask for the identifier at the time of submission. Digital Object Identifier 

Therefore, if necessary, it is important that you already have the DOI at hand, facilitating the entire selection process .

By the way, you can already imagine why renowned journals usually have this request, right?

In addition to individualizing your work , journals with identifiers are more valued in the academic environment for passing credibility from a reliable source to other researchers.

Also, with a DOI, other scientists will be able to find your research among thousands of other publications and share it among the community more easily.

For this reason too, some indexing bases only host scientific journals with identifiers, such as Web of Science and Scopus, which require the ISSN.

So, if you also own a scientific journal, publishing it regularly and having identifiers is essential!

3. Security and authenticity 

One of the most important points in choosing a DOI for your scientific article is the security that the work gains.

This is because, obviously,  plagiarism in the academic environment is widely repudiated, whether it is copying at any level, partial or full, of an existing content.

Therefore, the DOI will make your content authentic and official , in addition to differentiating it from other works with the same theme. Digital Object Identifier 

Therefore, with the identifier, the researcher will have a greater copyright guarantee , helping to protect against plagiarism and certifying the rights linked to the production. 

4. Credibility that generates international opportunities 

In addition to those already mentioned, a major impact of the DOI on articles is that it provides an international basis for the work, generating notoriety for what has been produced. 

With it, you will have the opportunity to participate in selections increase your chances in the evaluation for scientific journals or periodicals, in the acceptance in the scientific environment, in public contests and in the selection of scholarships . 

In this way, a simple number  can bring you several possibilities to leverage your scientific and academic journey. 

And you don’t want to be left out, do you? 

5. Weight in the Lattes Curriculum 

Completing  the Lattes Curriculum with well-reviewed and prestigious materials is important for every scholar and researcher.  Digital Object Identifier 

In this way,  by guaranteeing a DOI for your scientific article, you will have even more academic value 

Remember that one of the main objectives of the academic and scientific world is to boost the production of projects and the career growth of researchers, students and scientists.

So the more you invest and show that your work has ownership , the more it will be valued in the middle. 

With this in mind, the Lattes Platform provides data and statistics on scientific production in Brazil and opens space for you to build your own curriculum, perpetuating your productions and showing your power as an author Digital Object Identifier 

Therefore, with the indexer, people will have greater ease of accessing your material.

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