What is Clean Energies definition/concept

As suggested by its own name, clean energies are those that do not pollute the environment . It should be noted that the clean energy label is also known as renewable energy. On the other hand, energy sources as opposed to clean ones are polluting and non-renewable, such as oil and gas. Clean Energies

Clean energy sources are based on the use of natural resources , mainly the sun, wind, water and energy from the earth’s interior or geothermal energy.

Solar energy

The sun generates energy that can be translated into heat and electricity . The sun’s rays are converted into thermal or electrical energy with which it is possible to heat homes and provide light. To make this possible, several photovoltaic systems and solar panels are used. Clean Energies

wind energy

The wind moves the blades of a wind turbine and the energy obtained in turn produces electricity. It is considered a clean energy because the wind is an inexhaustible resource that is not associated with any aggression against the environment . Turbines began to be developed after the oil crisis in 1973, when it was discovered that oil is a non-renewable, polluting source of energy that can generate global economic instability. Clean Energies

Geothermal energy

This energy is obtained from the Earth’s internal heat. In it are concentrated the so-called geothermal reservoirs. It should be noted that the center of the Earth is almost as hot as the sun and the heat coming from its interior can be used. For this to be possible there must be a heat source and a hot aquifer that can be crossed by water from natural underground sources. When this occurs, geothermal reservoirs transform energy from electricity to heat homes, greenhouses or for drying wood. Clean Energies

New clean energy proposals

In recent years, there have been several significant advances in the search for non-polluting energy alternatives. In this sense, there are many proposals:

1) new wind turbines were designed to better store wind energy;

2) tidal and wave forces are channeled into tidal energy;

3) solar cells are getting thinner and this favors their energy efficiency. Clean Energies

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