What is Athletics/meaning/concept/elaboration

Athletics is a set of sporting disciplines with which athletes compete with each other with the intention of achieving victory. In fact, etymologically, athlete means in Greek what competes for a prize.

There are several categories that are part of athletics, but it is possible to group them into three groups: running, jumping and throwing

Races consist of three modalities: sprint, middle and deep. As for the throws, there are three: discus, weight and javelin. Already in relation to the heels, there are four varieties: distance, height, triple jump and pole vault.

There is also pole racing, with obstacles and combined events such as the decathlon and the heptathlon

All these tests are performed by men and women, although in some cases there are small variations, for example, the height of the poles in women’s competitions is smaller. All modalities are held on official athletics tracks, with a 400-metre course, eight lanes and conditioned for these competitions.

In addition to official track competitions, there are a number of events held in other contexts or venues, such as indoor, field, urban mile or marathon tracks.

Athletics is probably the oldest sport of historical record, practiced by the Greeks since antiquity, as shown by the Olympic Games .

The most important athletic competition is the celebration of the Olympic Games, which in its modern version takes place every four years since 1896, although they were suspended during the two World Wars.

In recent decades, athletics has been popularized in many countries, not only in its classic and competitive version, but as a maintenance sport activity related to the well-known popular races.

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