What is Antiseptic/meaning/concept/elaboration

We can call an antiseptic the product whose properties make it possible to eradicate microbes and harmful agents that can infect or inflame recent wounds.

In some cases, the antiseptic is applied directly to intact skin, as well as to burns, mucous membranes and open wounds, in order to eliminate microbes from these areas and thus prevent possible sepsis.

Among the most used antiseptics we can mention ethyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and iodine.

Disinfectants and antiseptics

Although many people think that antiseptics and disinfectants are synonymous, in fact they are not. While the antiseptic is a product that acts exclusively on living tissue, the disinfectant is designed to act on bacteria that are located on certain objects such as surgical or cleaning utensils, as well as on certain surfaces such as floors, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens. , etc.

Furthermore, while disinfectant products can be harmful to human beings, innocuity is an indispensable condition of the antiseptic, as it does not represent any danger since it lacks corrosive or toxic effects.

Finally, another difference between the two products is that antiseptics do not present any problem in terms of dissolving with other components, without alteration or decomposition, even when exposed to sunlight or heat .

natural antiseptics

Nowadays, although most antiseptics sold are the result of a well-elaborated chemical process , it is also possible to find several antiseptics of natural origin, such as saliva, which helps to eliminate many microorganisms from our oral cavity.

Other natural antiseptics

Honey is one of the medicinal properties that has been used for many centuries. Although there are other uses for our body as function antiseptic to it is applied to a wound to prevent possible infection, allowing rapid healing and regeneration cell faster.

Onion is recognized for its bactericidal properties and is a common component of many natural remedies. The same can be applied in different ways to treat a wound, be it fried, cooked or applying some of its inner tissues directly on the affected area.

Garlic, a potent fungicide, even if it causes some stinging, is really effective when applied as a paste over the area to be treated. It is ideal to treat athlete’s foot , onychomycosis or ringworm.

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