What is Aesthetic Emotions definition/concept

There are all kinds of emotions. Aesthetic emotions are those that are born in contact with beauty, that is, they are emotional experiences of contemplation lived while enjoying a cultural moment. For example, when visiting an art gallery and the paintings attract attention, the person immerses himself in this experience of fullness .

Beauty Manifestations

Likewise, when you enjoy tourism to discover a new city and observe its architecture, you can see the beauty of the place through the eyes of the tourist who contemplates everything with the surprise factor of the first time. You can also experience this type of emotion in your own place of residence and enjoy the city at a slower pace. Aesthetic Emotions

For example, when he plays the role of host and invites a friend to visit his city, he begins to observe these places, which he was used to seeing, with different eyes.

Aesthetic emotions are also born from contact with natural beauty, it is a type of beauty that transcends the perfection of any artistic work. It is possible to be emotional when contemplating something with the eyes of your heart, for example, when enjoying the image of the sea on the horizon, as well as when enjoying a light show through a shower of stars.

Another situation is when one looks at the flowers and plants, these that have a function ornamental and decorative in the garden. Anyway, this kind of emotion is vital and very pleasant because it connects with the beauty of life. Aesthetic Emotions

Pleasant emotions are a light to the soul. They help to live the joy of the present. People can also experience aesthetic emotions through fashion, for example, haute couture creations produce a special emotion among lovers of these trends.

Art is a form of expression

Art is a form of expression and communication . For this reason, people experience aesthetic emotions in contact with literature , art, architecture or any expressive detail.

That is, the spectator receives visual or auditory stimuli even without the necessary artistic knowledge, certain that at some point he can be moved by art in its different forms and manifestations. Aesthetic Emotions

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