Skills required for HR manager and Benefits of strategic vision of HR

Skills required for HR manager

In this article we will provide you the Skills required for HR manager and Benefits of strategic vision of HR.

The skills of an effective human resources manager are vital to recruiting and retaining the right talents who can lead the organization to success. In a labor market as competitive as the current one and with unprecedented levels of inflation, companies in all sectors are increasingly recognizing that investment in their human capital is imperative to guarantee their growth and survival.

A company’s Human Resources manager must have a series of essential skills for the development of the sector and the workforce.

1. Strategic vision

The first great characteristic of a good Human Resources manager is his strategic vision. This means seeing the whole scenario of the organization, anticipating problems and identifying opportunities.

With a strategic vision, professionals are not tied to routine and purely operational activities, creating goals and objectives for their performance, always in line with those of the institution in which they work.

2. Empathy

To deal with people on a daily basis, you need to have empathyEmpathy to recognize your difficulties and identify the best ways to solve them.

With empathy, the manager, for example, does not lose good professionals for the mere lack of tact when dealing with their demands.

3. Leadership

As much as you do not hold a leadership role, chances are that this quality will be demanded of you in the near future. A good leader is one who knows how to delegate, handles different people well and identifies their potential in them.  These three are the primary qualities of anyone who wants to develop their leadership skills.

4. Proactivity

Can you imagine a Human Resources manager who doesn’t take the initiative? He must be one of the right arms of the company and the directors, always ready to take the first step.

Taking on new roles, thinking about projects and solutions and anticipating problems are ways to demonstrate your proactivity.

4. Ability to manage conflicts

A good HR manager is capable of managing conflicts, whether within his own team or between teams from other sectors. Not running away in these moments and making use of emotional intelligence are essential to deal well with these situations.

5. Ability to see talent

You will be charged for the talent you attract or retain in the company. As such, it is important to develop your ability to see them.

A good way to do this is to document the hits and misses in hiring, as well as the characteristics that your company’s talents have, creating standards for future selections.

6. Organization

Being organized is a demand for any area, but for Human Resources managers, this is even more necessary.

There are many documents, procedures, performance evaluations, selection processes and ongoing tasks. Getting lost in all of this can lead to errors ranging from an extra zero on the payroll to a wrongful hire.

7. Constant update

Remember we talked about HR and digital transformation? Being aware of the management”>technologies that will impact people management , as well as other news in the area, is its role.

Check which solutions for efficient people management are the best on the market, seek to dominate them and bring them to your daily work.

8. Agility

Tight deadlines are a routine in any HR. The good news is that many processes can be predicted, making these deadlines not an issue.

Want a tip? Organizing (characteristic 6) and constantly updating (characteristic 7) help you in this task.

9. Emotional intelligence

Knowing how to deal with one’s emotions and in a balanced way with those of employees is a form of emotional intelligence .

You should set an example in this regard, as you deal with the most important resources of an organization: people.

10. Synchronization with the company’s culture

Finally, the Human Resources manager must be in tune with the corporate culture. After all, how can you manage people and hire assertively without understanding the values ​​of the environment in which you work? Having this sync is a big step towards success in HR.

Benefits of strategic vision in human resources

Learning what the strategic vision is and developing it in the area of ​​human talent allows you to take advantage of a series of advantages . So that you understand why a strategic vision is essential in the Human Resources department, here we explain some of the positive aspects related to its establishment and application:

1. Increased productivity

By knowing what the business strategic vision is and putting it into action, the people who make up the work teams know how to guide the will  to execute the organizational objectives. As a consequence, human talent will feel more motivated , since they will understand where they are going with their daily actions.

However, to have a good organizational strategic vision , it is necessary to assimilate what the strategic vision is and understand that there is a leader who must promote the development of skills . And also, apply a positive leadership style that encourages communication, work well -being among co-workers and flexibility , such as teleworking.

According to an article from the World Health Organization (WHO) , it is necessary that there be a balance between work and personal life when working. And the remote work modality is an efficient alternative to put the organization’s strategic vision into action; and  save time , money and energy . And therefore, have a higher level of emotional well-being to increase productivity at work.

2. Optimization of decision making

On the other hand, when working in Human Resources , it is essential to recognize what a strategic vision is, since it will be possible to predict future scenarios and the challenges that the organization must face. And at the same time, what are the actions that must be carried out to act proactively and put aside  reactivity .

To do this, it is necessary to improve the development of human talent , to know what skills the people in the work teams have, what the shortcomings are and the ideal skills of human capital. This, in order to achieve the goals established in your strategic vision.

3. Review of human resources processes

On the other hand, when knowing what a strategic vision is and applying it in a human talent management environment, it is essential to review the processes ; and verify that they are being carried out based on the business strategic vision, based on data analysis.

As an article from Harvard Deusto states , the position of a company within a specific market will depend on the amount of data it has and its study and organization . This will facilitate knowledge management to improve the company’s  decision making .

In this way, to delve even deeper into what a strategic vision is and how it is possible to enhance organizational processes, it is essential to evaluate the progress of the company’s procedures. According to Cristian Situ , Head of Product at Colectivo23 and teacher of our online Time Management and Productivity course :

“Making a progress report is key to achieving productivity in a team. In fact, at a first level, it helps us know our daily evolution and what stage of the project we are at. Remember that everything we do must be measurable. Thus, you can track progress individually with your team to monitor their efficiency and results, analyzing who is performing well and who requires support or advice to reach daily or weekly objectives. Also, it helps you calculate how much time you need for a certain task; and thus improve your effectiveness and the way you carry them out; optimize your internal processes and workflow.”

Consequently, processes can be streamlined by detecting strengths and weaknesses . And if necessary, new human talent will be hired to achieve the objectives proposed based on the global strategic vision of human resources.


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