Recruiting marketing ideas its benefits and How to plan

Recruiting marketing

In this article we will make you aware about the Recruiting marketing ideas its benefits and How to plan?

When we think about marketing, what comes to mind are sales strategies focused on attracting and finding consumers so that they choose a particular company . In the case of Recruitment Marketing, the concept is basically the same, but with a focus on the candidate.

Thus, the strategy consists of using different channels and specific ideas to convince professionals to apply for the organization’s opportunities , always considering the desired professional profile.

Some people confuse the term with Employer Branding, but it’s important to understand that these are different things. Employer Branding is the process used to create and maintain the organization’s employer brand and aims to make the company desirable to the right talent .

Recruitment marketing takes the definitions created by the employer brand and applies marketing resources to attract and convert talent .

In conclusion, recruitment marketing works not only to publicize open opportunities, but also to show the organization’s differentials and instigate professionals to be attracted not only by the salary offered, but by everything that the company represents .

Benefits of recruiting marketing

Investing in recruitment marketing strategies brings several advantages to the company, enabling a more targeted recruitment and optimizing selection processes. Below, we’ll go into more detail about the main benefits.

1-Attracts the right professionals

Companies that bet on recruitment marketing no longer have a generic approach and start to direct communication towards candidates who present the ideal profile for the advertised vacancies.

Even though this segmentation limits the reach of candidates, it is essential to give more objectivity to the process and bring in more qualified people to achieve the company’s objectives, that is, to attract only those who really matter.

2-start a relationship

By creating this segmentation of candidates, the company is able to initiate a relationship based on the interest of professionals , ensuring a more personalized communication that will arouse interest in the employer brand.

This relationship is essential to position your brand favorably in relation to the competition and convince professionals to apply for vacancies.

3-Reduces costs

With the possibility of publicizing its vacancies on the internet, using audience segmentation, the company is able to reduce costs and ensure more efficiency in the selection processes.

Thus, instead of directing vacancies to generic sites, which requires a much more laborious screening, the company can use segmented channels to talk directly to its target audience , spending less on disclosure and optimizing time in the processes, as we will see Next.

4-Optimizes selective processes

When vacancies are made available to a more general audience, they end up making the selection processes longer and bureaucratic. This is because the number of resumes received is much greater and more careful screening is needed.

In addition, the company spends more time analyzing the candidates’ cultural fit to understand if they have the necessary behavioral skills and competencies and if they are in line with the organizational culture.

5-Improves brand awareness in the market

In addition to making selection processes faster and more efficient, recruitment marketing is also crucial to highlight your company in the market , regardless of size or area of ​​expertise.

The implemented strategies help to highlight the organization and build a reputation, improving the perception of candidates and adding meaning to those who share the company’s values.

What are the ideas used in recruiting marketing?

In theory, the intention is the same as for marketing as a whole: to arouse interest .

It turns out that the practice is a long, continuous and personalized job according to the opportunities available in the company and the desired profile of each candidate.

Therefore, the HR sector must know, in depth, which are the means of communication most used by these potential candidates . In addition to having identified:

  • the type of content they are used to consuming;
  • the most attractive technologies for these professionals;
  • the desired values ​​and behaviors for taking the job;
  • the tone of voice of the approach and the argument for the ideal professional profile to apply for the opportunity;
  • the media they browse the most online.

Let’s not kid ourselves: currently, the digital medium is the main channel used to attract and relate to people. Something that digital marketing already does richly.

Let’s see, then, what are the most popular and efficient ideas to consolidate recruiting marketing in your selection process:

1-E-mail marketing

With its database of resumes properly updated, e-mail can be the main tool to reach professionals in the market.

After all, they are résumés of people who have already aroused the company’s interest and even profiles that have shown interest in developing their career there.

All you need to do is use the information listed above to identify a stimulating tone of voice, with a creative approach and the right appeals to encourage an application.

2-social recruiting

The term, in English, refers to recruitment via social media . But, in a comprehensive way, these communication channels generalize the actions of recruitment marketing .

This is because they are highly popular media and with a very diverse profile of professionals waiting for good opportunities.

So even if you receive hundreds and hundreds of resumes, HR specialists should pay close attention to the process of filtering and selecting the right candidates .

3-Creative job descriptions

There are certain appeals that entice you to choose a product over another, the competition, very similar to the first, isn’t it?

Because recruitment marketing has the same goal of instigating from the first contact. And this is where the descriptions must align with the candidates’ personality and professional behavior .

Generate identification so that you attract people interested in the challenge, but above all, who recognize themselves in the company’s DNA as soon as an opportunity is disclosed.

4-Develop employer branding

We mentioned, above, not to confuse recruitment marketing with employer branding , but the second concept has everything to do with the success of your endeavor.

And do you know why? For the branding employer is a way of making their own employees are the promoters of your brand .

When one or more employees express their admiration for the company they work for, it generates a positive buzz.

word of mouth that arouses the interest of other professionals, free or not in the labor market, which values the reputation of your company.

Therefore, guide your recruitment marketing actions externally, but don’t neglect for even a second internal actions to enrich your brand image .

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