Moral sense definition/moral conscience/ethical sense

Moral sense is what characterizes the feeling that is consistent with morality , according to the moral values ​​(good and bad, right and wrong, etc.) present in a given society. Moral sense definition

From a philosophical point of view, emotions are consequences triggered from actions or perceptions interpreted through the concept of right and wrong, good and evil, happiness and suffering, etc.

For example, the feeling of revolt, indignation and anger when seeing an elderly woman being disrespected, the husband hitting his wife or the sadness of seeing a child abandoned on the street, are feelings that are manifested based on moral values ​​that are in force in that society , and that determine what is right and what is wrong.

In many cases, these moral values ​​are linked to civil law, but it is not a rule. Morals are formed by norms acquired through culture, tradition, agreements and the daily behavior of human beings in a specific society. Moral sense definition

In other words, the moral values ​​in force in the West may not be the same in the East, with great differences between the acts that are considered moral and immoral between the societies that belong to each region.

moral sense and moral conscience

The main difference between the moral sense and the moral conscience lies in doubt.

While the moral sense is the feeling and immediate action in response to emotions triggered by moral values, moral conscience is related to the consideration of what decisions a person should take, in relation to the behavior of oneself and others.

The moral conscience requires the individual to be responsible for their actions, fully assuming the consequences of their attitudes. Moral sense definition

For example, when someone finds a wallet with money on the street and returns it to its rightful owner, that person used their moral conscience to do what they consider to be in accordance with their moral values, assuming the consequences that their act would bring ( that is, he preferred to do what he considered morally right, rather than getting extra money easily).

moral and ethical sense

The notion of ethics and the moral sense are related, however, while the first seeks a broader reflection on what would be the moral values ​​that guide human beings; the moral sense is based on the peculiar customs, taboos and traditions that permeate each society. Moral sense definition

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