Miscegenation definition/Race or ethnicity/How to recognize

Miscegenation is the process generated from the mixture between different ethnic groups . Mixed human beings have physical characteristics typical of various “races”. Miscegenation definition

The individual born from the ethnic mix (which may also be called crossbreeding or cladding ) is considered mongrel .

From a global point of view, miscegenation is considered to be the union between the three main ethnic groups existing on the planet: white, black and yellow (indigenous peoples being classified in this last group).

Currently, it is estimated that a large part of the population has some degree of miscegenation, mainly due to the phenomenon of globalization, which has made it easier for people to move between different parts of the Earth.

Race or ethnicity?

Although they are often used interchangeably, the terms race and ethnicity do not have the same meaning, so they should not be confused. Race refers to a group when biological characteristics are considered. The Human Genome Project has already proven that genetically all human beings belong to the same race.

The term ethnicity, on the other hand, refers to a certain group of people who have phenotypic and cultural characteristics in common. Miscegenation definition

Thus, the correct term that should be used to refer to the physical and cultural differences between human beings is ethnicity , with “race” being an unused word to refer to these groups.

How to recognize and classify an ethnicity?

According to the information provided by IBGE, there are three ways of identifying a particular ethnicity: self-attribution, hetero classification and biological identification.

In self- attribution or self-identification , the individual, when answering the IBGE census questionnaire, identifies to which ethnicity he feels he belongs. Miscegenation definition

In hetero classification or hetero identification, recognition of ethnicity takes place through similarity, when another person indicates which ethnic group the individual belongs to. This classification takes place by identifying typical physical characteristics of the ethnicity.

Already the biological identification is made through DNA analysis establishing which ethnic group one belongs person.

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