Localisms with usage analysis and examples


As we have said,  localisms are words that are only used in some geographical areas, and therefore are only fully understood by the people who reside there . These are usually very informal, colloquial or home-based terms, and are used between people who know each other and know that they are going to understand each other. In this article we will provide you examples of localisms.

The localisms are designated according to the country. For example, the localisms that are used in Mexico are called Mexicanisms, which are used in Argentina Argentinisms, in Colombia, Colombianisms, etc.

The more recent localisms are used in principle in the spoken language and, over time, may become incorporated in the written language as well.

How to write localisms correctly

This is simple, oh gods of speech! How to write correctly the localisms that come out of our divine mouth? Well, as we would write any other word, except if we want to highlight it for some reason, either because we want the reader to notice that it is a localism, or because whoever says it has a special way of pronouncing it, for example, and we want to point out that. In this case, italics will be used. If the localism is misspelled or written (by the way, everyone knows that the gods of speech are spelling gods too), it becomes vulgarism and then it will also be indicated by italics

Localism analysis

It is used as: masculine noun
The word localism has 4 syllables .
Hyphenation of localism: lo-ca-lis-mo
It has its prosodic accent (without accent) on the syllable: lis
Type of accentuation of localism: Grave word (also flat or paroxitone).
Pronunciation (AFI): [lo.ka.ˈ]
Reverse word: omsilacol
Number of letters: 
It has a total of 4 vowelsoaio
And a total of 5 consonantslclsm

Examples of informal localisms


  1. Cheto : Person of high social class who boasts of his condition or social status.
  2. Curro : Deception of an economic nature.
  3. Changa : Informal or short-term work.
  4. Laburo : Work.
  5. Mina : Woman.


  1. Cookie : Biscuit (cookie)
  2. Movie : Film
  3. Truck : Lorry (truck)
  4. Candy : Sweet (sweet, candy)

Examples of formal localisms

The following localisms are used in Latin America:

  1. Computer : Computer or computer
  2. Car : Auto or automobile.
  3. Mobile : Cellular.
  4. Juice : Juice.
  5. Islet : Cayo.
  6. Banana : Cambur, banana, banana, banana.

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