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Mark added to phonetic symbols to provide additional information or example [ ̃] indicates nasalization

Any alternation in which the identity of the variant occurring can be predicted from its environment

Any part of the structure which is dominated by a single node

The phase of speech, in which sound waves produced by vibrating air in the speaker's vocal tract travel through the air to reach a hearer's ear

A theory of speech which holds that invariant acoustic patterns or properties corresponding to phonetic features are directly derivable from the speech signal invariant

A syllabic onset containing more than one consonant

Obstruct the air flow so little that they could almost be classed as vowels if they were in a different context (e.g. /w/ or /j/).

A sequence of phonemes which patterns like a single phoneme, such as an affricate or a diphthong when these are analyzed as sequences

A syllabic coda containing more than one consonant

The term refers to a variety of a language used by a group of people and distinguished by its grammar and lexis

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