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Welcome to your Linguistics Test 26

Schema which involves repetitious events and event series

A case that expresses likeness or identity to the referent of the noun it marks

A kind of nonevent in discourse that provides locative, temporal and circumstantial information about a sequence of events.

A clause which describes a feature of its subject. It contains a subject complement and, typically, a copula

A relative tense that refers to a time simultaneous to, or after, a contextually determined temporal reference point, regardless of the latter's relation to the moment of utterance

The difference between two phonetically similar segments that occur in two separate words and have similar adjacent sounds

A concession relation in which the clause expressing the concession is marked by a concessive subordinator that expresses the meaning “in spite of the fact that.”

A conversational implicature that is derivable only in a specific context

An arrangement of items into labeled rows and columns within a table

A case that expresses the partial nature of the referent of the noun it marks, as opposed to expressing the whole unit or class of which the referent is a part

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