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A morpheme or word that, being adjacent to a noun phrase, forms with it a determining phrase, fulfilling the function of specializing or quantifying it

Grammar studies how words, phrases and sentences are used and the suitability of these elements according to the linguistic context and situation communicative in which they are used.

The set of words that are grouped around one of the two cores of the sentence of the verb

A type of phrase in which the syntax core is a determiner

In syntax, the main member of a sentence, which designates an object whose action is expressed by the predicate

Predication is one that describes a process or event for which the categories of time or aspect are relevant

The phrase or group of words forming a syntactic constituent maximal, whose core consists of a name noun, pronoun or substantive word or pronoun if not considered determinative phrase

The mental content that is given to a linguistic sign

A linguistic unit that can be perceived by the human being through the senses and that allows to fully represent a communicative event in its own terms

A set of words specific to a science, an art, a trade, or a profession, being a study of the technical terms used for example in specific sciences or arts in general

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