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The parameter which treats differences in the activity of the vocal organs

The branch of phonetics which deals with the physical characteristics of the sound waves which carry speech sounds between mouth and ear.

Any statement, in some particular framework or description, which prohibits some derivation, process, structure or combination of elements which would otherwise be allowed

A narrowing or closure of the vocal tract at some particular point during an articulation by the movement of the organs of articulation

The scientific study of sound and sound waves

Any piece of morphological material with an identifiable function: for example, English -s is a symbol of plurality

A rhyme between two words which are stressed on the final syllable: keen/mean; rain/remain; interfere/appear

The term refers to the characteristic or long-term positioning of articulators by individual or groups of speakers of a particular language

The different parts of the vocal tract that can change the shape of the air flow

Any characteristic of speech which conveys information about the personal characteristics of the speaker: sex, age, social class, mood, etc

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