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Welcome to your Linguistics Test 31

The case of nouns in ergative-absolutive languages that would generally be the subjects of transitive verbs in the translation equivalents of nominative-accusative languages such as English

A referent which is given information due to previous mention in the text to the prominence of the referent in the extralinguistic context

The language use characterized by speech before a passive audience the assumption of a role by the speaker the use of artificial means of communication such as writing or electronics, and the use of a “high” dialect or language in preference to a “low” one.

A case that expresses the temporary state of the referent specified by a noun

A sentence type that is used to express a strong emotional state

A subordinating conjunction that links a relative clause to its head noun

A category concerned with the grammaticalization of identifiability and no identifiability of referents on the part of a speaker or addressee

A kind of social deixis that expresses the setting or social activity in which language use takes place

The form which introduces an entry in a printed dictionary. It is the form by which a dictionary is sorted

A grammaticalization of the current relevance of a state or event, occurring before the moment of utterance, which is relevant due to its proximity in time to the moment of utterance.

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