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Linguistic Test 18

Welcome to your Linguistics Test#18

Grammatical case that indicates absence, deprivation

A proposition that is or appears to be contradictory but expresses some measure of truth

The concrete object or concept that is designated by a word or expression. It is an object, action, state, relationship, or attribute in the referential realm

An illocutionary act for which all the presuppositions of the propositional content conditions, preparatory conditions, and sincerity conditions are satisfied

Root which cannot occur as a separate word apart from any other morpheme

A noun phrase that has a systematic correspondence with a clausal predication which includes a head noun morphologically related to a corresponding verb

Third person deixis that distinguishes a less important referent in the present stage of the discourse from a referent that is more important

A pro-form that substitutes for a verb or predicate

A meaning that is derived from a primary sense by analogy or similarity

A clause with a nonfinite verb

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