Limbic resonance what it is and how it affects relationships and examples

Limbic resonance

Without being aware, human beings are connected to each other thanks to the intervention of numerous mental processes that are developed. In this way, two people can understand each other due to certain body parts interconnected with each other. In this sense, the brain plays an important role when it comes to establishing this type of deep connections, as it is fundamental for the development of this bond, such as, for example, a couple looking into each other’s eyes, a sadness shared by two friends who are they know since childhood, the complicity of a father for his children, the punishment that doesn’t need words to relate, since the looks, the gestures and a specific sector of the brain participate in this circuit.

More about limbic resonance

Limbic resonance constitutes a theoretical concept that refers to the form of relationship that can occur between two people through the participation of the cerebral limbic system . For this reason, limbic resonance represents a metaphor for brain resonances that are performed in specific medical studies.

For this reason, the connection develops from the interference of the limbic systems of the two people who relate to each other. However, it is important to mention that these people must have a close bond and prior trust for limbic resonance to occur. In the following article you will find more information about the limbic system: parts, functions and diseases.

Relationship of the limbic system with emotions

Another of the main points to bear in mind is the implicit relationship that the limbic system maintains with a person’s emotions. In this sense, this interweaving is oriented to the production of emotional responses in the face of different external stimuli .

In turn, this set presents basic emotions such as love, joy, sadness, anger and fear, among others. In fact, without the presence of the limbic system as part of the human organism, it would be impossible to think of an emotional connection between two people.

Effects of limbic resonance on personal relationships

From this kind of emotional connection that is generated between two people through aspects such as non-verbal language, limbic resonance can produce some effects in social relationships. Below, we show you what they are:

  • Empathy : the possibility of empathizing with the emotions, behaviors and thoughts of other human beings stands out as a quality that has developed over time thanks to the involvement of the limbic system.
  • The production of dopamine : appears as another characteristic that manifests itself in the production of social bonds. This can be reflected in love relationships, friendships and family ties.
  • The marketing of products in the sphere of the digital world can be developed to the ability to establish fruitless non-verbal communication with those people who want to acquire specific good material.

Examples of limbic resonance

In this article you will find some examples of limbic resonance that can be useful to reinforce the concept:

  • Two friends meet at a school camp. At first, a coordinator begins to impose orders that these people must comply with without any type of questioning. After listening to him, the two friends look at each other and start laughing simultaneously. In this sense, the key point is that both interpreted the feelings and thoughts that arose thanks to the intervention of the limbic system. The possibility of understanding was given correctly.
  • A boss gets mad at his employee over a work disagreement. When both confront each other, the look and gestures of both people reveal the character that the situation has acquired. Put another way, the boss demonstrated his deep irritation through sighs, a fixed look, body rigidity, etc. At the other extreme, the employee shows fear in the face of gestures such as a look away or a body tremor, among other examples.

In addition to these, the fact is that there are many examples that verify the persistence of limbic resonance in social, professional and family relationships that can be glimpsed in various areas of everyday life.

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