Lexical and semantic field examles and Relationship between them

Lexical and semantic field

The notions of lexical field and semantic field are broad and complex. In a simple and reduced way, we can consider that:

  • the lexical field is the field of the word , of the vocabulary;
  • the semantic field is the field of meaning , of sense.

Lexical field

The lexical field is the word field, because the lexicon is the set of words used in a language.

Thus, they are part of the same lexical field:

  • Words formed from the same root.
  • Words that belong to the same area of ​​knowledge or domain.

In a lexical field, the words refer to the same reality.

Paint lexical field :

  • painter;
  • to paint;
  • screen;
  • frame;
  • brushes;
  • paints.

School lexical field :

  • school;
  • educated;
  • learning;
  • study;
  • matter;
  • discipline;
  • class.

Sea lexical field :

  • maritime;
  • sea ​​air;
  • marine;
  • tide;
  • sailor;
  • ocean;
  • waves;
  • sand;
  • beach.

Sport lexical field :

  • sporting;
  • sportsman;
  • athlete;
  • soccer;
  • swimming;
  • fitness;
  • tennis;
  • basketball.

Flower lexical field :

  • florist;
  • flower pot;
  • bloom;
  • flowery;
  • daisy;
  • pink;
  • sunflower;
  • glass of milk;
  • clove;
  • tulip.

Medicine lexical field :

  • doctor;
  • medicinal;
  • medication;
  • pediatrician;
  • surgeon;
  • stethoscope;
  • clinic.

Semantic field

The semantic field is the field of meaning, because semantics is the part of grammar that studies the meaning of words and the difference in meaning that words have in different contexts.

Thus, they are part of the same semantic field:

  • The different meanings that a word presents through the contexts in which it is used.

In a semantic field, words refer to the different realities of a concept.

semantic field from :

  • to go out;
  • set off;
  • to escape;
  • to die;
  • to break;
  • shatter;
  • fracture;
  • distress;
  • unsettle.

Note semantic field :

  • money;
  • money;
  • account;
  • bead;
  • annotation;
  • ticket;
  • comment;
  • Notice;
  • explanation;
  • sound;
  • tone.

Account semantic field :

  • calculation;
  • score;
  • consideration;
  • appreciation;
  • esteem;
  • responsibility;
  • note;
  • invoice;
  • beads;
  • glass.

Head semantic field :

Guard semantic field :

  • vigilant;
  • sentinel;
  • surveillance;
  • guardianship;
  • custody;
  • protection;
  • preservation;
  • safeguard.

Nature’s semantic field :

Relationship between semantic field and lexical field

The notions of lexical field and semantic field, being broad and complex, are considered closer by some authors and more different by others. Such is the complexity of this subject, that there are different approaches to this theme, with different conceptualizations in different grammars.

More important than the nomenclature is understanding that words can establish different relationships: by origin, by meaning, by sound, by thematic area.

Understanding that a word has different types of associations leads to greater vocabulary diversification, an enrichment of reference universes and greater ease in the logical chaining of a speech or text.

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