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How much and how many usage in English with examples

How much and how many

How much and how many are expressions used to ask for the quantity of something .

The use of these terms is related to the use of the words many and much .

So, before we see the explanation of when to use how many and how much , it is important to remember the use of many and much .

Much and Many

Many and much are quantifiers , that is, they are words used to refer to the quantity of something.

Let’s see below what is the difference between many and much.

Use of many

Many is used with countable nouns . It means many / many.

Examples :

  • The girl has many aunties. 
  • Many of the employees didn’t go to work today. 

Use of much

Much is used with countless nouns . It means a lot / a lot.

Examples :

  • Let’s go! We don’t have much time. 
  • There’s not much water in the jar. 

When to use

The main difference between them is that how many is used with countable nouns and how much with countless nouns.

Using much how

How much is used to ask for the amount of something countless .

Examples :

  • How much water shall we drink a day? 
  • How much money do we have? 
  • How much Coke did you drink? 
  • How much time did she sleep? 
  • How much sugar do we have left? 
  • How much juice did you have? 

How much is also an expression used to ask about the price of something.

Examples :

  • How much is this doll? 
  • How much are these notebooks? 
  • How much does this bag cost? 
  • How much do these toys cost? 

Use of many how

How many is used to ask for the amount of something countable .

Examples :

  • How many boys are there in your classroom? 
  • How many dogs do you have? 
  • How many days are there in a week
  • How many kids can you see in this picture? 
  • How many bottles of milk are there in the fridge? 
  • How many brothers does he have?  

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