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Battle of Escamela (1812)

To achieve independence and put an end to the domination exercised by the Spanish, the Mexican population, residing in the country, had to make their discord notice and assert their rights by force time after time in battle. Battle of Escamela

During this article we will be learning a little more about the so-called Battle of Escamela , which means Land of the Ants and its meaning originates from the Nahuati language or dialect as well as the Totonac lineage.

When and where did the Battle of Escamela take place?

The fight, as the name of this battle indicates, was carried out or carried out in Escamela, a town located in the state of Veracruz, which currently has one of the largest and most important cities in the Ixtaczoquitlán municipality and it happened on the date of October 26, 1812 .

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Who participated in the Battle of Escamela?

In this battle they also take sides, as in many others, the rebels or insurgents who on this occasion were commanded by the General who bore the given name José María Morelos y Pavón , and also his opponents, the royalist armed forces made up of Peninsular Spanish and also Americans . It is noteworthy that these forces were led by Brigadier General Luis del Águila y Andrade .

Causes of the Battle of Escamela

The Battle of Escamela was carried out as part of an action or strategic movement in order to achieve the capture of Orizaba in the aforementioned state, Veracruz. The capture of Orizaba was favorable because the city is located precisely between the two sites that José María Morelos wanted to conquer, such as the mountainous area of ​​the south as well as the southeast of the Aztec country, since said capture would contribute to the communicational cut from the capital city with the famous port of Veracruz . Battle of Escamela

As we can see, in the Battle of Escamela there are several cities involved, among others, in addition to Orizaba, Acapulco and Oaxaca also enter the story as military bastions, which were in the hands of the Spanish and that the Mexicans wanted to recover , so When reading about the subject we must meditate a little on what we read since due to the many implications of the so-called battles that Mexico fought to achieve independence from the Spanish monarchs, certain information could be crossed, which is logical because each one would contribute to the achievement of the same objective and also due to the proximity of some towns or cities related to the matter, as well as the characters or leaders who commanded said events.

On the other hand, it is found as a possible important cause, the fact of seizing the enormous and substantial financial resources that the Spanish monarchy possessed, as a result of the abuses and abuses of the Mexican nation .

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Among the consequences of this war conflict appear the following immediate or direct consequences:

  1. The flight or flight of the royalists from the vicinity of Ixtaczoquitlán .
  2. The recovery of both monetary and financial assets as well as real estate that were in the power of the Spanish .
  3. It gave way to the Battle of Orizaba .

As well as the indirect consequences: Battle of Escamela

  • The weakening of the Spanish monarchy that little by little was being defeated and that in the end had to abandon the Mexican spaces, since they finally managed to free themselves from that oppressive yoke .
  • The preservation or maintenance of Mexican popular culture, despite the Spanish transculturation and the imposition of certain customs, some of which prevail to this day, such as religious influence.
  • The organization organized annually, precisely in the town of Escamela, of a walk or parade as a commemorative symbol of the brave heroes who were involved in this important liberating victory , from that moment on.


At this point, we can mention the final result of this significant conflict, which is that it concluded that the Zoquitecos rebels defeated the royalist army and managed to free the Aztec people from the hands or domination of these Spanish royalists. In addition, despite the fact that the insurgents were received with close lead and had a few casualties in the skirmish, General Morelos triumphed , which gave way to the basic objective that was to take Orizaba as a territory belonging to the country of Mexico. and José Antonio Andrade only had to consider the flight. Battle of Escamela

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