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Ignacio Allende (1769 – 1811)

In 1802 Ignacio Allende joined the army of New Spain, where he managed to gain merit and ascend under the orders of General Félix María Calleja. Despite the ideals with which he was trained in the royalist army, he ended up being against the perpetuation of the Spanish crown. Who was Ignacio Allende?

In 1809 he participated in a secret campaign in favor of independence, which took place in the city of Valladolid, now Morelia. Later, he was invited to be part of a conspiracy organized in the city of Querétaro by José Miguel Domínguez and his wife Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez. It was there that he met the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla and Captain Juan Aldama with whom he would participate in different battles .

Although he died of treason, since he began supporting the Mexican independence movement, he never left the rebel battle lines . However, he did not have the opportunity to see New Spain as an independent country from the Spanish.

Birth of Ignacio Allende

On January 21, 1769, Ignacio Allende was born in the city of San Miguel el Grande , a city located in the state of Guanajuato and which is currently known by the name of “San Miguel de Allende” to honor him . His parents were Domingo Narciso de Allende and María Ana de Unzaga, who were two Spaniards who settled in the New Spain colony. Who was Ignacio Allende?

Who was Ignacio Allende?

Ignacio Allende was a military man who belonged to the royalist army in New Spain, where he served as captain . However, by not supporting the interests of the Spanish crown, he began to sympathize with the idea of ​​leading Mexico to independence from the Spanish empire. These ideals that clung to his mind and heart made him one of the leaders who participated in the initiation of the independence movement in Mexico .

In 1806 when he had already achieved the appointment as captain of the royalist army, he began to show empathy for the independence of Mexico. That same year in his hometown, together with a cavalry regiment that was under his command, he definitively joined the conspiracy in Valladolid.

In order to get involved in the different movements of the insurgent army, he participated in different clandestine meetings organized by the corregidores of Querétaro, who wanted to start an organized rebellion. He fought in different battles alongside Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in the primary stage of the independence war and later became Hidalgo’s replacement in the leadership of the insurgent army in view of the numerous defeats they had faced against the royalist army. Who was Ignacio Allende?

In 1810, on September 22, in the town of Celaya, the illustrious Miguel Hidalgo received the military decoration as Captain General of the rebel army and Ignacio Allende, for his part, received the title of Lieutenant General. In the case of Ignacio Allende, he was known for his ethic of chivalry in command. He was in favor of treating the civilian population with respect and not punishing their prisoners of war with death, as well as acting with order in each of the military campaigns . After Hidalgo’s failure against the insurgent army, Allende assumed the reins. In order to strengthen his side, he intended to march north to obtain troops, weapons, and money . But he was betrayed and captured to later be executed.

Participations in history

Ignacio Allende actively participated in different battles that took place in different areas of New Spain, with the sole purpose of contributing to the independence of Mexico. Among the participations it had we can highlight: Who was Ignacio Allende?

  • Taking of the Alhóndiga de Granaditas : This battle took place on September 28, 1810, which took place in the city of Guanajuato. In this battle, the insurgent army attacked the royalist army, who protected the population that was sheltering in the barn of Alhóndiga de Granaditas. Once the royalist forces were subdued, the rebels killed the civilians who were protecting themselves.
  • Battle of Monte de las Cruces : It was a confrontation between the insurgent army and the royalist army. It took place on October 30, 1810 in the valley of the crosses in the state of Mexico. This battle was won by the insurgent army. Who was Ignacio Allende?
  • Battle of Aculco : It was a confrontation that took place on November 7, 1810 on a hill near the town of Aculco, in the state of Mexico. This battle was won by the royalists.
  • Taking of Valladolid : It took place on October 17, 1810. The victory went to the insurgent army.
  • Battle of Guanajuato : It happened on November 26, 1810 in the city ofGuanajuato. The army commanded by Allende lost the war to the royalists, who upon entering the city executed the captured rebels while the rest managed to escape.
  • Battle of the Calderón Bridge : This battle took place on January 17, 1811. In the confrontation the royalist forces were victorious over the insurgent army. This war was developed by the possession of the Calderón bridge, located in the Zapotlanejo municipality. Despite the numerical majority of the rebel army led by Hidalgo, Allende, Aldama and Abasolo , they could not defeat the royalist army, which was led by General Félix María Calleja. This was the last episode of war belonging to the first stage of Mexican independence. Who was Ignacio Allende?


Ignacio Allende was shot on June 26, 1811 at the age of 42 in the city of Chihuahua . His death occurred due to a betrayal received at the hands of Ignacio Elizondo in the town of Acatita de Baján, located in the current state of Coahuila. After betraying him, Ignacio Elizondo arrested him and took him to the city of Chihuahua. There he was tried for rebellion and insubordination, an accusation for which he was found guilty and sentenced to execution. Later, he would be beheaded so that his head would be exhibited in the city of Guanajuato on the outskirts of the Alhóndiga de Granaditas, an action that remained a firm warning to the rebels and announced a severe trial. Who was Ignacio Allende?

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