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Dreaming of friends – what does it mean?

Friendship is one of the most precious treasures of any human being. Forming that bond with one or more people is really significant. It is a symbol of different values ​​such as trust and solidarity. For this reason dreaming of friends becomes something very valuable, from which different messages can be deciphered. Here we will let you know Dreams about ex friends.

There are lifelong friends and some who only lasted a while. There are also those who went through life and became important over time. Others left an indelible mark that lasts on the heart, no matter how the years have passed. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish what type of friendship is visualized in dreams.

Dreaming of a friend is, initially, a revelation of one’s own personality. These are dreams in which the characteristics of that person are distinguished, but which are really those of the dreamer. Many of these particularities have been denied or hidden, so they want to get out. The subconscious sends the message that it is necessary to bring out these relevant aspects to lead the long-awaited life.

Dreaming of childhood friends

Dreaming of childhood friends can have two meanings, depending on who you see. If it is about a friend with whom you have lost contact, it is an inner reflection. In this case, the subconscious shows that the dreamer is insecure and immature in his actions. It is necessary to pay attention to this particularity since you may not be prepared to face some stages.

 On the other hand, if it is a friend that is preserved in the present , after years, the meaning varies. In this case, the value that the dreamer places on true friendship is reflected. For the dreamer, friends are something important, so he always protects and preserves them. This also represents the high values ​​that you have as a human being, with confidence and gratitude prevailing.

Dream about close friends

Dreaming of close friends shows how good that relationship is. It is about friendship in which both parties are comfortable and happy to meet. The same, despite the passage of time, has not had major problems. This has as a result that trust and good values ​​grow in what they are involved in.

Particularly dreaming of a best friend , that is, the closest one, determines another message. In this case, it is interpreted as the deep admiration felt for that individual and that has grown over time. For this reason that person ends up being a role model to such an extent that the subconscious reflects it. This is someone very valuable who sees himself as an example and who does not want to lose.

Dreaming of friends who don’t speak

When you see a friend in dreams who is not spoken to, it is a very positive sign. These images reflect having a friendship so strong that words are unnecessary. That person and the dreamer have a bond that is difficult to break and that has overcome several obstacles. Therefore, they do not need to dialogue to understand their feelings and the situations they are going through.

Dreaming of friends from the past

When dreaming of friends from the past, it can be said that the dreamer clings to it. There is some fact or event in particular that has not been forgotten. This has the consequence of not being able to be happy in the present or not being able to achieve inner peace. The best thing is to self-analyze and start putting aside what has taken time.

Dreaming of friends who argue

When in dreams you see friends arguing or confronting in some way, it is a sign that there is a misunderstanding. It has caused problems in the environment that must be corrected as soon as possible. Otherwise, the difficulty can increase to the point of losing the friendship. The best thing is to talk about the situation and solve all the inconveniences caused.

Dream of happy friends

The dream of happy friends has a meaning somewhat contradictory. These types of images are a forecast of problems within the environment. They must be faced with the greatest serenity possible so that they do not get worse with the passage of time. In this way, the situation will not have enough relevance to affect the present of the dreamer.

Dream of new friends

There can also be the situation of dreaming of new friends . This is because some friendships may grow faster than expected. In this case, the dream means that you have to be more selective with the people you know. Not any individual can be trusted as it could hurt the dreamer. The best thing is to reflect and analyze those who are approaching.

Dreaming of dead friends who are alive

Dreaming of dead friends who are alive can be quite significant for many people. Reliving in some way the feelings kept by that human being is really compromising. For this reason this dream indicates a future betrayal. That being that is no longer warning about someone close. That third party is about to commit an act that can cause harm to the dreamer. That is why these dreams are an alert that something bad is happening in the environment.

Dreaming of friends is a very beautiful experience in most cases. Sharing with that friendship in dreams is a way of taking it to the interior of your own being. The best thing is that they are images that can be enjoyed from the first moment. In addition, each vision will have its own interpretation, which has valuable results.

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