Fictional characters in dreams meaning dragon fairy tale etc.

Dream of a fictional character

Dream characters generally symbolize the dynamics of your life, especially your inner life emotions, feelings, and perceptions, though they can represent subjects, concepts, ideas, or structures of the psyche and mind. The outward appearance of the character is like mask that covers something deeper. Here we will make you aware of the Fictional characters in dreams meaning.

The Grinch ( character )

When you dream of the Grinch, then such a dream indicates the lost attention of those around him. Maybe you need to take back the things you were doing in the past. On the other hand, the dream could suggest that you look more at yourself, instead of taking care of others.


… Blue dragon represents intellect and wisdom. Green Dragon represents the personality of hard work. Yellow dragon indicates relaxation and freedom. Black Dragon is a harbinger of danger or anger. Brown dragon symbolizes wealth and all kinds of riches. White dragon means spiritual rebirth. Gray dragon shows blank emotions and character (the dreamer has a lot of options and cannot choose).

Purple snake, purple

One of the best familiar purple living beings has been noticed in dream visions, most of the time it is a snake. Dreams of purple snake are already complicated these mystical characters of dreams can be contradictory, bad or good nuances. To understand the meaning of the purple snake in the dream, it is important to think about the experience …


Dreaming that you are in a cellar has the symbolic meaning of all aspects of your personality. Bodega in the dream represents all sides of your character . As an alternative, it is suggested to all your experiences, situations, past relationships – both positive and negative.


To use or apply moisturizer, when you are dreaming, it is a curious sign of your dream. This sign indicates the character who is portraying others. Also symbolic of a renovation. You have a new perspective on life.


Dreaming that you are covering something is interpreted as symbolism of fear. To cover or disguise anything in the dream, show the way of the action of hiding something. Do you have any part of your character that you want to hide? Are you afraid of revealing something personal to anyone? Consider what you are trying to cover up, because it has more information on their current psychological and emotional state. See what this means and how it is interpreted …

Tale of Fairy

To dream that you are a character in a story of fairy means pleasant news and balance in their spiritual, emotional feelings. Alternatively, the dream of tale of fairies suggests wants to be rescued or to be swept of his feet. Third interpretation indicates that you are exploring your limits and trying to awaken your hidden talents to their fullest potential. To dream that you are …

Raven, crows

… Or that a crow is being seen, represents its annoying habits and the darkest part of your character. The raven can serve as messengers for your subconscious.


The dreamer who watches the cartoon is easy going through life without stress or responsibilities. Perhaps the dream is telling you to look more seriously at life in general. If you see yourself being in a world of cartoons, then shows his humorous view of life. The dream may also suggest that you can see things indulgently and how they are acting. To have a …

Outside of the law

To dream that you are out of the law, it means the side repressed and animals of your character . As an alternative, it is suggested that you feel that the rules do not apply to you. You feel that you are above of those around you.

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