Formal register examples Characteristics and factors

Formal Registers

Formal registers can include everything from an academic essay to wedding vows. The academic essay is formal because it includes polished speech, complex sentences, and precise vocabulary. The wedding vows are an example of extremely formal language that must be said the same way each time as part of a ritual. In this article we will provide you the examples of formal register.

The formal record will be the one that all students will learn for the duration of their school education period. Therefore, it implies learning the rules and information necessary to speak and write according to the specifications accepted by the Language Academy.

Formal registration is generally used in a variety of settings and not just educational. During your class exercises and exams you will use it, but not only in academic settings, since it is usually convenient at a professional level, or in the presence of the civil authority.

In other words, throughout your life, you will experience various formal communication situations in which you will have to make use of the formal register, using your language correctly, hence it is important to know, read, study and practice it. It is the best way to learn the correct use of the language, with all its rules.

Characteristics and factors of formal Registers

Obviously, the formal registry has a series of characteristics that it is important to know in order to clearly know how to use it in each context:

  • Sentences are used in an orderly and complete way.
  • Wide vocabulary must be used.
  • Pronouns and synonyms will be used to avoid repetitions and redundancies.
  • A topic or idea must be fully developed before changing the subject.
  • You have to use connectors to establish a relationship between the ideas discussed.
  • The paragraphs have to be organized and there has to be ample correct presence of punctuation marks.
  • The vocabulary must be specific.
  • Sentences can be longer and more complex.
  • No words are omitted.
  • No fillers or idioms are used. Characteristics and factors of formal register

When to use the formal register of the language?

Just as it has particular characteristics, there are also some key factors that will indicate the need to make use of the formal register of the language. It is clear that talking to a teacher is not the same as talking to a friend or close family member. So keep in mind:

  • Place where the act of communication is located.
  • Characteristic final objective of the communicative act.
  • Subject dealt with in communication.
  • Relationship between interlocutors.
  • Channel used: it can be oral or written.

Examples of formal registration

Below are the example of Formal register examples

Let’s see some examples of formal registration, also called formal language, within the cult and uneducated register, since both are usually used, as we saw at the beginning of the lesson.

In the formal educated register , language has to have a high social value. It is often used in the content of the media, work meetings, school assignments, etc. Thus, the vocabulary and lexicon must be varied and precise, without digressions or abstractions.

As examples, see these sentences: Dear Don Manuel, a pleasure to greet you – Let me tell you that I received your letter correctly .

In the case of formal uneducated registration , the content is transmitted trying to use formal language, however, the sender does not have sufficient training, although he is able to distinguish this situation from an informal one. It tends to adhere to grammatical rules with specific words, little vocabulary, and phonetic alteration.

Let’s look at a couple of examples: Good morning Don Martínez – I need you to prescribe medicine because my chola hurts a lot .

Let’s also look at other more generic examples of language or formal register:

  • Excuse me, could you help me solve my problem, please?
  • May I introduce you to my cousin?
  • The University for the Elderly of Murcia organizes a March for the Dignity of the Third Age on May 26.
  • The company is developing smart solutions combining traditional techniques with advanced communication technology. Characteristics and factors of formal register

We hope that you have understood the Formal register examples.

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