• What is Constituent

    CONSTITUENT Constituent is a term that derives from Latin, because it is the result of the union of several components…

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  • Case grammar

    Case grammar Within the enormous transformation that grammar underwent throughout the twentieth century, the contribution of the so-called generative and…

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    SYNTAX DEFINITION The word syntax comes from the Latin term syntaxis , which in turn derives from a Greek word that is translated into…

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  • Formal grammar

    Formal grammar

    Formal grammar A formal grammar is a mathematical logical structure with a set of training rules that define the permissible character strings in a given formal…

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  • Systemic-functional grammar

    Systemic functional grammar functions with description

    Systemic functional grammar Systemic-functional grammar ( SFG ) is a form of grammatical description produced by Michael Halliday. It is part of a social semiotic approach…

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  • Functional grammar

    Functional grammar

    Functional grammar   With this definition in mind, it will be much easier to address the definition of functional grammar,…

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  • Descriptive grammar

    What is descriptive grammar/Characteristics/diff. prescriptive

    Descriptive grammar The descriptive grammar indicates which languages ​​have a similar structure, describing how the minimum units that constitute the…

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  • Prescriptive grammar

    Prescriptive grammar

    Prescriptive grammar   Within the different Types of Grammar, it is known with the name of Prescriptive Grammar to an…

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  • Pedagogical grammar

    Pedagogical grammar With the pedagogical grammar expression the set of resources and procedures is designated with which in the teaching of second languages…

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  • Traditional grammar

    Traditional grammar

    Traditional grammar As for traditional grammar, it has been defined as the linguistic discipline that tries to classify and place categories…

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