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100 singular and plural words in English singular/plural rules

Singular and Plural Nouns

Nouns have a certain gender (feminine and masculine) and a certain number (singular and plural. A singular noun is one that designates a single object or individual. For example: plant, ring. A plural noun is one that designates to two or more equal objects, for example: plants, rings . 100 singular and plural words in English

A noun is a word that designates or names an animate or inanimate being, as well as concepts.

Examples of singular and plural nouns

Singular  Plural
Grandpa  grandparents
acrobat  acrobats
attitude  attitudes
pin  pins
carpet  rugs
cotton  cottons
lunch  lunches
student  students
friend  friends
love  loves
ring  rings
year  years
seat  seating
atom  atoms
absence  absences
car  cars

List of Singular and plural words with rules

  1. Cat: cats
  2. Apple: apples
  3. Onion: onions (onions)
  4. Bird: brids (birds)
  5. Truck: trucks
  6. Car: cars
  7. House: houses
  8. Window: windows
  9. Boy: boys
  10. Desk: desks
  11. Room: rooms
  12. Cupboard: cupboards
  13. Toy: toys
  14. Chair: chairs
  15. Shoe: shoes

Examples of hissing words 100 singular and plural words in English

Nouns that end with “ch”, “s”, “sh”, “x”, and “z” are called sibilants. These types of words form plurals by adding the ending “-es”.

  1. Bench: benches
  2. Kiss: kisses
  3. Fox: foxes (foxes)
  4. Bus: buses (buses)
  5. Witch: witches
  6. Box: boxes
  7. Wish: wishes
  8. Bush: bushes (shrubs)
  9. Class: classes
  10. Ash: ashes (ashes)
  11. Lunch: lunches (lunches)
  12. Church: churches
  13. Scratch: scratches
  14. Brush: brushes
  15. Match: matches

Examples of words ending in a consonant + and

When a noun ends in “y” preceded by a consonant, the plural is formed by removing the “y” and adding the ending “-ies”

  1. Baby: babies
  2. Family: families
  3. Library: libraries
  4. Party: parties
  5. Agency: agencies
  6. Urgency: urgencies
  7. Tendency: tendencies
  8. City: cities
  9. Country: countries
  10. Fly: flies

Examples of words ending in a consonant + or:

Some nouns ending in “o” preceded by a consonant form the plural by adding the ending “-es”.

  1. Domino: dominoes (dominoes)
  2. Potato: potatoes
  3. Tomato: tomatoes
  4. Hero: heroes
  5. Zero: zeroes (zeros)

Examples of words ending in “f” or “faith” 100 singular and plural words in English

Most of the words ending in “f” or formal plural “faith” by removing the f and adding the ending “-ves”. However, it does not happen in all cases.

  1. Half: halves (halves)
  2. Knife: knives
  3. Life: lives
  4. Thief: thieves
  5. Wife: wives (wives)

Examples of irregular plurals 100 singular and plural words in English

Each of the irregular nouns plural forms in a specific way, without responding to any rules. Some of them have the same form for the plural as for the singular. 100 singular and plural words in English

  1. Child: children
  2. Foot: feet
  3. Goose: geese (goose)
  4. Fish: fish
  5. Man: men (men)
  6. Woman: women
  7. Tooth: teeth
  8. Deer: deer
  9. Mouse: mice
  10. Person: people

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