Why was the Warsaw pact formed characteristics importance definition

Warsaw Pact

Alliance signed between socialist countries during the Cold War. In this article we will make you know about Why was the Warsaw pact formed?

The Warsaw Pact, also known as the Treaty of Friendship, Collaboration and Mutual Assistance, was an alliance signed between 8 socialist countries, during the year 1955, within the framework of the Cold War

This established that, in the event of an armed conflict, there would be cooperation and military support among those involved.

The alliance was signed by what was then the Eastern Bloc , a group of socialist countries in Europe led by the Soviet Union, with the aim of countering the threat of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO ) .

Ultimately, these countries associated their military forces with any attack or invasion by capitalist governments.

The document was dissolved on July 1, 1991, marking the end of the Cold War.

The 8 countries that signed the Warsaw Pact were as follows: Why was the Warsaw pact formed

  1. Albania.
  2. Germany.
  3. Bulgaria.
  4. Czechoslovakia. Why was the Warsaw pact formed
  5. Hungary.
  6. Poland.
  7. Romania.
  8. Soviet Union .

It also featured a slight participation from the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia.

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Why the Warsaw Pact was formed? Why was the Warsaw pact formed

  1. The main objective of this pact consisted of mutual defense, between the countries that made it up, against any capitalist attack.
  2. It was intended to modernize the armed forces and common maneuvers , and also seek the integration of air defense devices between Eastern European countries and the USSR.
  3. Ultimately, the countries involved were seeking to confront the imminent military and political threat from NATO. 
  4. In any case, the military actions of this pact only became effective in a few situations, such as in Hungary in 1956 and in Czechoslovakia in 1968. Later, it was used as an intimidation measure .


Among the main characteristics of the Warsaw Pact we can highlight the following:

  • It was organized by a socialist military cooperation commission .
  • It consisted of 11 different articles that stipulated the military alliance.
  • It was created with the aim of showing NATO how prepared they were in the event of an attack.
  • When the pact was created, the nations had great military power and nuclear weapons.
  • At the time of its dissolution, the Cold War between capitalists and socialists ended.

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Importance  Why was the Warsaw pact formed

The Warsaw Pact is considered of historical magnitude since it differentiated two great world political powers and served as an instrument in the struggle originated by the Western and Eastern blocs, a product of the Second World War .

This treaty managed to institutionalize the different pacts that the USSR had created and imposed equality among the socialist nations that signed this agreement, offering them military security against the capitalist powers that also wanted to impose their policy model at the international level.

At the time of its dissolution, the dispute between the two great blocs was terminated and a new period of peaceful international relations, both political and commercial, began.

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