Why was Kennedy killed causes the killer of Kennedy

Kennedy assassination

Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK). In this article we will make you inform Why was Kennedy killed?

The Kennedy assassination was an assassination committed against John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) , thirty-fifth president of the United Stateson November 22, 1963.  The incident occurred in the city ​​of Dallas, Texas, in that country.

John Kennedy, aged 43, became the fourth president of this country to be assassinated while in office . The crime was committed with a firearm that hit him with 2 projectiles, one in the neck, which caused an entry and exit hole, and another at the right parietal level.

Officially the murder was carried out by Lee Harvey Oswald , who fired 3 shots with his 6.5 mm rifle. However, there are theories that place more than one person as the perpetrators of this crime.

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Why was Kennedy killed?

JFK belonged, along with his family, to an entire elite of financial and political circles that supported him to be president, but also had links with radical sectors and even with the mafia .

Both John and his brother Robert, who was attorney general and also assassinated shortly after, had a great interest in ending organized crime and the different mafias in the United States

On the other hand, JFK had stopped the attack on Cuba, the closest political and ideological enemy, which had received the support of Russia during the Cold War . This led to many political conflicts and clashes of interests between radicals and conservatives .

The announcement of the withdrawal of troops in the Vietnam War had also brought discontent in the American arms industry . Likewise, the JFK government had put up a lot of resistance to Israel’s secret nuclear program, while continuing resentment over the proximity to the Arab world promoted by its government.

On an economic level, there were several enemies among the financial magnates of the United States, who limited the credit capacities of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Finally, his political enemies within the country viewed with suspicion that the Kennedy dynasty would remain in the presidency for a long time, given the popularity of JFK and his brother Robert, who also had presidential aspirations after an eventual second term of his brother.

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Who was the killer?

Officially, the only person involved in the JFK assassination, and the material perpetrator of the act, was an ex-sailor from Louisiana, named Lee Harvey Oswald , 24 years old and a clerk at a store near the murder site.

Oswald was arrested a few moments after the assassination and was assassinated 2 days later by another inmate, named Jack Ruby . Oswald was never able to testify about the motives and the alleged organization of the crime, which generated greater controversy over the possibility of having acted in conjunction with other authors.

Later, in 1996 , James Files, a former US military man, confessed to assassinating JFK, which cleared Oswald of guilt and blamed the mafias and the CIA . Despite this, it was never possible to verify these facts. The case of the assassination of John Kennedy is still open in the American courts and there are numerous conspiracy theories about its causes.

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