What is Validity definition/concept/elaboration

Everything that happens has a temporal dimension, in this sense, there are certain elements that at some point lose their properties. This provides a phenomenon: validity.

The idea of ​​expiration can affect a product, for example, a yogurt, a can of canned food or any medicine. Consumers know when a product has expired, as all perishable products have a registered deadline that does not recommend their consumption.

When an idea, an object or a style ceases to have value, it is customary to say they are expired

This happens in the context of fashion in any of its manifestations. A piece of clothing, a hairstyle or a shoe loses its validity, that is, it goes out of fashion, when it goes against a trend or because it fails to fulfill a certain function . Everything that is old is considered obsolete and out of date. Something similar happens in relation to certain ideas or traditions. Thus, when a person maintains customs from the past or who has an outdated mentality, it is customary to say that he has invalid or outdated ideas, therefore, they are inappropriate for his time. In the art world, the emergence of new movements is a clear symptom of the loss of validity in relation to their aesthetic valuations.

We cannot forget that this phenomenon also happens in nature, which is why it is customary to say that trees have deciduous leaves, that is, their leaves cannot be kept all year round.

The debate over the validity of foods

When the consumption of a food exceeds its expiration date it is a health risk . The consequences of not respecting this recommendation are very serious and can cause poisoning, botulism, among others.

Although the concept of food validity is quite clear (from the specified date the food cannot be consumed), sometimes this is confused with another aspect, with the recommended consumption date, that is, when a product no longer has the same properties, but it is possible to ingest it because there is no health risk. This confusion has created some controversy in some countries, so experts recommend paying attention to all labels that specify expiration information .

Some food safety experts consider the concept of recommended consumption to be quite indeterminate and ambiguous. Also, it should be taken into account that some foods have more associated risks than others.

The debate about the validity of some foods arose during the context of economic crisis experienced by some countries, as consumers are forced to consume certain foods due to their financial difficulties.

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