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From the point of view of social organization there has always been a hierarchical order. Even in communist countries where theoretically there are no differences, there is a group of individuals (from the top of the communist party) who have a privileged situation. As a general rule, the hierarchical structure of today’s society is directly related to money. Tycoon

The individual who has great wealth as a result of his business or financial activity is considered a tycoon and is at the top of the social scale. It is worth remembering that the word magnate comes from the Latin magnus and means big.

The tycoon in the collective imagination

When we hear the word tycoon, an image immediately comes to mind. He is an extremely rich individual, with a life surrounded by luxuries, large mansions in exclusive places, yachts, private planes, bodyguards, etc.

In the collective imagination, the tycoon is seen as someone from another planet. Some of them are characterized by their eccentricities, but on occasion they are involved in philanthropy funding all kinds of humanitarian projects. In any case, his economic power makes him an influential person in society as a whole.

From a psychological point of view, the tycoon or potentate has opposite feelings : envy and admiration. Tycoon

The origin of great fortunes

Some publications make lists of the planet’s greatest fortunes. Usually the source of their wealth comes from oil, the shipbuilding or steel industry, technological giants, multinational companies, the world of finance and large franchises.

associated concepts

All magnates are under the protection of the capitalist system and behind each one there is always a particular story. According to each person’s personal trajectory, there are a series of concepts that are repeated periodically, such as the American dream, the self made man, financial bubble, wall street shark, assets distress, among others. Tycoon

The figure of tycoons owes much to the big screens of cinema

In the film “Citizen Kane” is the story of a billionaire sector of media communication , William Randolph Hearst. In “The Wolf of Wall Street” he recounts the rise and fall of a New York stockbroker. In “The Last Tycoon”, this film is based on the latest novel by Scott Fitzgerald, the plot takes place in the 30’s during Hollywood’s golden age. Tycoon

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