What is the difference between Anarchism and Marxism/comparison table

Marxism and anarchism are very similar philosophical ideologies. Both tend to a greater or lesser extent towards socialism. On the one hand. the Marxism is a political and philosophical besides theoretical model based primarily on the philosophy developed by German Karl Marx. Marxism must not be confused with socialism. Marxism defends the idea that the working class should be given more value in addition to eliminating social classes and eliminating private property. On the other hand, anarchismit is a philosophical current too; a completely different one from communism, socialism and Marxism. Anarchism also takes up many ideas from socialism and even communism, but it has its own theoretical basis. The main principle of anarchism is the idea that the state must disappear. What is the difference between Anarchism and Marxism?

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Comparison table  What is the difference between Anarchism and Marxism?

Founder or main exponent Obviously the main one is Karl Marx, although they are also representatives of Marxism Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin among others. Among its main representatives are Pierre-Joseph Prodhoun (considered the first anarchist), Mikhail Bakunin, Pyotr Kropotkin, Lysander Spooner, Benjamin R. Tucker among others.
Definition It is a theoretical model composed almost entirely of the work of Marx. Marxism (which is also known as scientific socialism) believes in the need to carry out modifications in social organization, a consequence of the existing contradictions within the modes of production. It is a philosophical current that seeks a society without a State. Rather, it pursues the idea of ​​self-government which works thanks to those who voluntarily form part of it. However, more than one author agrees that they should only be specific institutions and should be based on a system of non-hierarchical associations.
About private property All private property, since it is considered one of the main means of production, must be common or public property. Items such as clothing and personal belongings are exempt from this definition. Those who support anarchism do not have a unique point of view about private property. This is mainly due to the fact that there is no single definition for the concept of “private property”. The two most popular definitions are: What is the difference between Anarchism and Marxism?

  1. Properties are common goods
  2. Assets are owned by individuals and associations of individuals.
About religion Marxism promotes freedom of worship. However, he gives preference to atheism over any religion. Within anarchism there is freedom of worship with very strong tendencies towards atheism.

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