What is Social Equity definition/concept

Social equity is a set of practices that aim to demolish all social, cultural, economic and political barriers that imply exclusion or inequality. Your ultimate goal is independent of the circumstances you find yourself in. All members of society have the same opportunities and rights.

To achieve this, income redistribution mechanisms come into play , as well as other resources , in addition to seeking a gender and intercultural balance in the orientation of policies related to this sector.

Social equity and education

One of the most common battles when reaching the goal of social equity is to get access to education on equal opportunities. Being able to obtain a good education is the fundamental basis for many people to become useful members of the productive system .

This is the best possible way to break the oldest barriers of social inequality, as education, especially in its higher degrees, has historically been closed to the lower classes of society, as they do not have the economic resources to face the main expenses and thus receive a more regulated education.

When there is social equity, access to education and technical knowledge by all social classes has a positive impact on eliminating social, economic and cultural barriers, allowing for an improvement in the global situation of a community.

Social equity in Latin America

Social equity is one of the issues that has attracted the most attention in Latin America in recent years. These countries have adopted legislative measures and put into practice several policies promoting equity among citizens. These activities are mainly based on three fields: education, violence and housing, as these are the major problems faced by most Latin American countries in terms of lack of equity.

The considerable socioeconomic differences between different sectors of society in the geographic world of Latin America have traditionally been a source of political tensions. Thus, despite the existence of countries governed differently, social equity is understood as a stabilizing element that minimizes the existence of conflicts caused by serious comparisons between different social groups .

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