What is self-control and What is self-control for

What is self control?

self-control is nothing more than the power we have to master our daily actions or thoughts. This is developed through a psychological process that is present in the conscious mental state and enjoying freedom of action, where a response of omission or action is produced in the face of external or internal stimulation.

Most of our daily actions are manifested by the commands of our will; even so, in certain cases it may not happen this way, we do what we did not want to do and we do not do what we wanted to do. The interesting thing is to discover what motivates us to do something, or rather, what prevents us from executing an already decided thought, what is the motivation that makes us carry out an action knowing that it is not the most appropriate, we can give in before a temptation, and for these cases it is necessary to have the knowledge of how the will and self-control are formed.

What is self-control for?

Managing our emotions allows us to get to know ourselves better, and this is something positive that will have an impact on our social life. With self-control, we will make better decisions, we are able to meet our goals and know how to organize ourselves, everything is possible as long as we make and assume a commitment to ourselves.

There are many benefits of self-control, but it is necessary to comment that controlling ourselves is not the same as repressing ourselves. Having the ability to establish a limit to impulses and passions, with the purpose of obtaining well-being. Of the main benefits of self-control we have: 

Consistency in communication

When you feel anger, true communication is put aside, expressing feelings and conveying ideas to make us understand. We let all our emotions out, and for the most part, we end up hurting another person.

In this case, the benefit of self-control is precisely to help us express ourselves assertively. This way it is much easier to say what we want, instead of being carried away by the impulses of the moment, in those moments of euphoria words can be deadly and once said they do not back down.

mental clarity

Strong feelings or passions affect our cognitive abilities, states of intense and extreme emotionality do not allow us to see things clearly. This is the main reason why fear and anger cause us to behave badly, and the benefit of self-control is not allowing ourselves to get to that point.

act justly

We fall into issuing unfair attitudes and judgments, even in the face of other people’s small faults, almost as if the world were going to end. Self-control prevents these attitudes from taking control and we do not have unfair behaviors that later cause a feeling of guilt and regret.

less vulnerability

When a person does not control himself, he becomes vulnerable. In some situations he can be manipulated and act in a clumsy way, and whoever loses self-control loses everything. The person who owns his emotions and his feelings shows more signs of strength. Self-control will give you the necessary tools so that situations do not take unwanted directions or get out of hand.

Relationship Improvements

Relationships are never the same after an outburst of anger, especially if the hurt is very intense. Although it is inevitable that these situations arise, what must be avoided is that they occur frequently. Maintaining control of these situations helps us not to be involved in these types of situations. Putting the skill of self-control into practice, we avoid exploding irrationally, we will know when to stop, even how to cope with other people’s outbursts of anger.

increased self esteem

Self-control is a way to love ourselves or to have self-love, it does not allow us to act in an irrational way or disrespect others. The benefit of self-control is reflected in our self-esteem.

better decisions

Decisions must be made with a cool head, which is why it is essential to have a good level of self-control. When we opt for hasty and impulsive behavior we are surely wrong. 

The benefits that self-control offers us are innumerable, the ones we have mentioned are enough for us to understand that having self-control helps us keep our emotions under control, helps us grow, avoid problems and have power in any situation and over ourselves.

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