What is feedforward Difference with feedback pillars features and application

What is feedforward?

Translated from English, the word feedforward means “to look forward” . This concept was developed by Marshall Goldsmith, one of the main thinkers of the coaching methodology, author of more than 30 books, including Feedforward , applying this tool with the main leaders in the world.

As a people management tool , the purpose of feedforward is to help everyone see which skills and behaviors they should work on and develop so that they can evolve as a human being and also as professionals.

Difference between feedforward and feedback

You might confuse the concept of feedforward with the famous “feedback”. But there are differences between the two tools.

The very translation of the term “feedback”, which means “looking back”, already clarifies that its objective is to provide a self-reflection on what was developed in the past in relation to behavior and actions.

Already the feedforward, has a tone to encourage actions focused in the future, without clinging to what was done in the past, so that the professional can further enhance your results. Still, this reflection serves both for improvements in your professional and social life, with family and friends.

What are the pillars of feedforward?

Feedforward is based on three pillars:

  1. the gift;
  2. the future;
  3. the positivity.

The objective is to provide self-knowledge, aligning, developing and engaging the professional. As a result, the application of these pillars increases well-being and satisfaction in the organizational environment and in social life as a whole.

Thus, the employee will feel more motivated, becoming more productive and, as a result, will deliver better results.

What about the features of feedforward ?

In its application to people management, feedforward has the characteristics that we will see below.

1-Focus on the future

Always look ahead and use past mistakes as learning so that they can serve as development tools. For this to happen, it is essential that the people who receive the feedforward are open to dialogue and, above all, to listen to what the other has to say.

2-Self knowledge

In order for an individual to develop, it is essential that he have a deep understanding of who he really is. Only then will he be able to recognize where he wants to go in all areas of his life.

3-talent stimulus

Often, people have skills stored within themselves , without even knowing they have them. Therefore, feedforward fulfills its role in talent development by stimulating reflection and also the search for behavioral and professional improvements.

How to apply feedforward?

If you, as a manager, leader or business coaching professional , still have doubts when applying feedforward, we have prepared 5 tips to help with this self-assessment and apply it assertively. Check out!

1. Use it as a complement to feedback

Right after offering feedback, punctuating attitudes and actions that are hindering the professional’s development — carefully and constructively, make it clear that this reflection is intended to stimulate immediate attitudes, leaving behind what has not been added in its trajectory .

2. Ask questions that promote self-reflection

So that the person receiving the feedforward can reflect on what they need to change to grow and also understand that the answers lie within themselves, ask the following questions:

  • What behaviors and actions do you think you need to improve or transform?
  • What are the goals to be achieved? Where do you want to get?
  • What will your future look like if your goals are put into practice? Where do you think change should start in each area?

3. Support the changes and assist in the transformation

Right after listening to what the person has to say, it is important that you help them to look ahead, showing that you trust their potential, helping them to find the answers to these questions.

4. Develop an action plan

In addition to listening and supporting, it is the manager’s or coaching role to guide the individual in the development of an action plan focused on the goals he or she wants to achieve. For this, suggest a transformation in stages and be sure to demonstrate that he can always count on you on this path, making regular appointments.

5. Awaken potential talents

Knowing that feedforward is a powerful tool in identifying talents, as a career coaching professional , be sure to suggest actions for them to be developed.

For this, you can indicate readings, courses or in- person and online training that fit the professional’s behavioral profile. Thus, the mentee will be able to leverage what he already has of best, reaching excellence and self-fulfillment.

Did you realize that the main focus of feedforward is to contribute to the self-development of human capital and has nothing to do with criticism or judgment? This people management tool helps individuals to get to know themselves deeply and accept that they need to be in constant change so that they can evolve.

Also, the feedforward methodology shows that this change can be made in a light and positive way, making this journey much easier!

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