What is Environment definition/concept

The environment is called the environment that surrounds living beings. The term refers to the natural or exclusive circumstances of human existence. Thus, the environment refers to the flora, fauna, geology, climate or socioeconomic situations that affect people’s existence. This can be seen as a system that links these variables in such a way that it affects the others.

Flora is understood as the set of plant species developed in a given geographical area. It can be native or cultivated by man’s work. It is vitally important considering the impact it can have on human activity, as it can offer different economic resources .

On the other hand, fauna refers to the set of animal species in a given geographical area. It is closely linked to biotic and abiotic factors, that is, to non-living factors that enable its existence (water, light, temperature ) and to factors represented by different living beings. Like flora, fauna can be native or introduced by man. environment

From a geological point of view, it is important to consider the chemical composition of the earth in which a particular environment is developed. This configuration has an impact on the development of plant species and indirectly on animals.

As for the climate, it is important to measure the rainfall that may periodically trigger within the areas, as well as to know the temperatures, thermal amplitudes, etc. The abundance or scarcity of life is closely related to these circumstances, as well as climate changes that can occur due to the natural order or the hand of man that has a significant influence on the environment.

Finally, when it comes to human affairs, the environment generally refers to the economic, cultural, social or educational circumstances of individuals. Just as the natural environment influences an animal and is sometimes influenced by it, the environment conceived with socio-economic circumstances influences each person and, in turn, can change or be affected.

The study of the environment must be carried out in the form of a system, that is, as a set of interconnected variables. This allows for a more comprehensive understanding and leads to more interesting and fruitful reading.

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